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Should British Troops leave Afghanistan?

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´╗┐Discursive writing. Jade Anderson. British troops in Afghanistan. With so many armed forces personnel dying overseas in a war that is not ours, many people believe British and American soldiers should be withdrawn from Afghanistan and brought home. In this essay I will discuss my opinions and feelings and explain about why the war In Afghanistan started. I hope to prove that our soldiers deserve to come home. The British troops being withdrawn from Afghanistan would mean fewer of the armed forces would die or be injured overseas fighting someone else?s war. ...read more.


As well as this many people believe that the United States of America and Britain should not withdraw their troops from Afghanistan until Afghanistan can take over maintaining the country themselves. However not everyone agrees with these ideas and actions. One of the main points of why I am wanting our soldiers back is because I don?t believe Britain or America would be prepared if there was an surprise attack on us with so many of our soldiers in Afghanistan. When the 9/11 attacks took place it shook the world. ...read more.


This large amount of people includes children, women, babies and men. The time people have spent creating weapons; could have been spent creating strategies to solve problems, not strategies of warfare, things like diplomacy maybe? The issue of our troops in Afghanistan is one that many people have very strong opinions about. Extensive research has shown that some people believe that the troops should not be withdrawn. However I believe that they should be withdrawn and brought home safely. Obviously it appears that this will be an issue that will divide people for some time and the best we can hope for is that people are knowledgeable about such an important topic. ...read more.

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