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Should Cannabis Be Legalised?

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Should Cannabis Be Legalised? Should cannabis be legalised? It has been a question people have been debating over for many of years. Each side of the debate has got lots of valuable points on their sides. Cannabis is not a relatively new thing there has been records of cannabis as far back as 2737 BC when cannabis was referred to as a superior herb in the world's first medical text, shen nungs pen tsao in china. But it was not till 400 AD it reached Britain. Long time later cannabis was listed as a medicine in the USA. I am going to show in this coursework the fors and the against of the legalisation of cannabis. The reasons people think cannabis should be legalised are because of medical and some people just want it to be legalised for fun as an alternative to alcohol. ...read more.


Another reason is they are putting a booming business in the hands of criminals and who knows what they could be putting in the drug but if it was made legal we could clear out all the crap they put in it and make it pure. Around the western world all the cannabis laws strictly forbid smoking cannabis but the penalties are different. The UK has probably one of the harshest for it. Over in Holland the penalties are a lot less severe. There are not any criminal penalties you can be charged for. So there for there is cannabis cafes around the country it is now accepted there. Cannabis is also very could for treating some illnesses, like witch affects the joints of the body, it helps to relieve the pain of it but if it was legalised it is most likely to be in spray form so you do not get high on it. ...read more.


They agree with the paranoia but they think it is just a matter of controlling it, just like drink. My conclusion is that it should be legalised. The main reason is that there is more evidence for it than against it. I think all the gateway drug stuff is rubbish; people are not accusing alcohol of being a gateway drug even though most people would have it before cannabis? It should without a doubt in my mean be used for medication for the people who need it. Another thing is that who knows what the dealer put in it I would say most of the cannabis it made out of crap then you have the rest cannabis but if you legalised it you could make it pure put nothing harmful in it. So that is my final conclusion. Neil turnbull ...read more.

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