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Should Children be Told everything

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The idea that parents and, to some extent teachers, should tell children everything is a hotly debated topic, and has been so for many years now. The two sides to this argument are fairly obvious. There are those who believe that children should be told as little as is possible, while there are those who think that it is right to sit a child down and tell them everything about life. When people try to justify not telling their children something that they know will at some stage at least, be important, they may say that it is for the child's good, that telling them would upset them, and it is suggested, slow down development. Keeping children ignorant is maybe stunting any growth that they might have, which is clearly counter productive. Parents often seem to under estimate what their children can take. As time goes by, people, it would seem, tend to forget what it was like to be a child. The sense of curiosity that children have, is lost in adults. If a parent thought back to what is it was like to have their parents not tell them something they would realise how difficult it is for their children. If a child has done something, or something has happened, they will be made to tell their parents what it was that had happened. Children, however, are not in a position to force their parents to give them answers, and while it may seem like a good idea not to answer every question a child asks, just telling them "no" is not good. ...read more.


There is a sense that parents are too embarrassed themselves to talk about some issues. Yet, parents can not just leave it to teachers to teach their children, they must take responsibility. It is far better for children to hear certain things from their parents than from elsewhere. Also teachers may have a certain expectation of what basic things children should be told by their parents. Children find it very hard to tell their teachers that they do not understand things, as if the rest of the class does understand; the child does not want to appear to be different. Sometimes, when children fall behind, they start to hang around, with more "undesirable" characters, and a gang culture develops, as has been appearing more and more in newspapers over the last few years. It is possible that children end up being told things by their peers in these gangs that are not appropriate nor allow them to feel good about themselves. While a parent always wants to believe the best of their child, sometimes they are blinded by what they want to see, and fail to tell their children to start to do things for themselves, to care about what they do in their life. It is not easy to think badly of ones children, and have no hope for their future. While it is important that people make sure that children are well educated in how the world works, the happiness of the child is just as important, if not more so. ...read more.


One reason why parents might not try and tell their children something is that, they themselves do not have the emotional maturity to deal with it. Parents need to stop making up excuses as to why they have refrained from imparting certain knowledge to their children. So the question is, does society want to raise a generation, that is blind to the wrong of the world. Or does society give what its youth really needs? People that can think and adapt when they need to, that are straight forward and precise when they need to be, are surely an addition to society t. One would be naive to expect all parents to think that telling some things to their children is a good idea. Of course some parents want to protect. It is, however, when the "protection" from the outside world runs out, and the children are hit with the hard truth that damage is done. Finding a mid-point between the two will vary from parents to parent. They should not be afraid of telling their children something. If a parent knows their child, and what they are like, it is unlikely that they are going to go wrong in the way in which they tell them, or for that matter what they tell them. Parents should not be influenced by society and what it deems acceptable all the time. Some children develop faster than others. Each parent should act according to their knowledge of the child. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Jonty Edgar Mr Smith ...read more.

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