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Should conscription be banned?

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Should Conscription be Re-introduced to the UK? There is a debate on whether the UK would benefit from conscription. If it would, should we re-introduce it? Do we really need conscription in the twenty-first century? Maybe. It would certainly make the UK safer, give young people more opportunities, and help disaffected youths, but does that really out weigh the disadvantages of possible death and restriction of education? Should we go ahead with conscription, or should we not? Firstly, conscription opens up a world of opportunities such as travel, friendships, qualifications and it gives you a very good pay. 83% of army officers said that they have had much better opportunities in the services that they would have done otherwise. Also, 85.7% of top athletes were previously in the army. Therefore, this proves that if you go into the army and decide you don't like it, you can still get a very good job. Clearly, conscription will improve young peoples chances of a good job and their standards of living. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of sports including scuba diving, parachuting, windsurfing and rafting, as well as being able to visit a large number of countries. Also, you will be able to make fantastic new friends, who will be close friends for the rest of your life. Speaking from his own great experiences, Flight Lieutenant Brown says, " I have been able to experience a myriad of activities and friendships I could only have dreamed about otherwise." ...read more.


She now has to live in a nursing home, because she is traumatized. Clearly, conscription will make the country much safer, and more secure. This means that you will be able to go out in day and night, without being worried. 79% of people living in the cities said that they would feel much safer going out if there was conscription, and 7 out of 10 people in a survey said that conscription should have been re-introduced earlier. Cyprus has conscription, and there are next to no terrorist attacks there. Moreover, 97.5% of all the people their say they feel safe at all times. Furthermore, the UK is helping to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, so more soldiers are constantly needed out there. Also, if there were more soldiers, they would get shorter duties, and would be able to come back home more often. Additionally, if somebody gets a minor injury and cannot fight for a while, they can have more time for recovery because there will be more people to cover for them. This will clearly benefit everybody. However, on the other hand, conscription can lower conscripts liberties, including education and relationship choices, and it restricts their freedom, which is clearly wrong. It has been proven that you can learn a lot more when you are younger, than when you are older. 67% of ex-army recruits said that they were going to go back into learning when they had left the army, but when they did, they felt like they couldn't go back into education. ...read more.


We were devastated, and we are still trying to get over it. This past year has been very hard, and we truly pity anybody who is going through the same horrors as we are." Even though the majority of army recruits are not seriously injured or killed, imagine if you or someone in your family was that small minority. Also, if you are not hurt whilst serving in the army, you could still be affected. Post-traumatic stress disorder is becoming more and more common in ex-army recruits. Doctor Richardson says, " we have seen a dramatic rise in post-traumatic stress disorder in ex-army recruits. Obviously, life in the army has become much more stressful, or we would not have seen the 46% rise that there has been" My brother was going to go into the army, but when one of his friends got shot in the arm and had to have it amputated, he decided against it... In conclusion, I think that there are a great number of valid arguments both for and against conscription, and I understand both sides. For example, conscription opens up a world of opportunities, and helps disaffected youths, but it can also restrict your education and other important choices. Also, conscription would help to powerfully protect the UK, but at the same time there is a high risk of death, injury, and trauma. I think that they are all strong arguments, but the UK has managed without conscription, and people can join the services if they want to. Therefore, I think that conscription is not needed in the UK. ...read more.

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