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Should DIY drugs testing kits be used by parents?

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´╗┐Should DIY drugs testing kits be used by parents? ________________ There are many issues that need to be solved in our society today. However, there is one in particular that stands out the most and this is drug abuse. Since the increased number of teenagers taking drugs, concerned parents have been desperately looking for solutions to help them deter their child from the total trap of drug abuse. Drug charities and health care professionals alike are pleased that the government is finally taking responsibility of the problem. Firstly, don?t parents have a responsibility to take care of their child?s welfare? They are accountable for their child?s performance and ensuring they are out of harm. ...read more.


Surely this proves that drugs are a huge problem in our society today. This matter definitely needs to be immobilized before it?s too late. This also justifies the reason why I think that DIY drugs testing kits are excellent. Surely no parents would want their children to be in danger? However, some people would disagree with this invention and they think that this will have more negative effect rather than positive. Rebecca Cheshire from Addaction says ?communication is always better than testing and accusation?. Although communication is good to have with your children, it is not always beneficial and it has been tried before which was unsuccessful. It is extremely difficult to persuade teenagers from taking drugs. ...read more.


Parents are here to support them whenever they think that something is wrong. We all know that parents need to have faith in their children, but there are cases where parents will need to step in for their child?s welfare. I disagree with the spokeswoman from Drugscope. I certainly believe that trust isn?t more important than the child?s safeguarding. In conclusion, I strongly agree that the new invention will make a huge impact in our children and it will make parents feel more self-assured. I believe that this will build up parents relationship with their children and parents will be able to provide professional help if required. I also believe that their children will have a better quality of life and a bright future ahead. They will remain out of harm and may even carry this procedure on the next generation as a precaution. Mohammed Shamim Ahmad ...read more.

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