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Should Euthanasia be legal in Scotland?

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Should Euthanasia be legal in Scotland by Cameron Burns Should we allow Euthanasia in cases where people who are terminally ill request the right to die? People should have the right to control and choose whether they die or not. However I think they should be in a mentally fit state to do so. If they only have a couple of months to live and can feel the pain if they aren't injected day after day, then I think they should be given the chance to make decisions for themselves. It is after all their life, it belongs to them and the only judge the only decision maker should be the person themselves. I think being given the gift of life is a wonderful thing but being forced to live spoils what should be a joyful and knowledgeable experience of growing. If people are given millions of choices in life why should they be denied the choice of death? ...read more.


This is a statement that has never fit into perspective for me. Innocent Humans are killed all over the world every single day. Still governments have never stopped these immoral things. These people never wanted to die. Yet when it comes to Humans who are terminally ill and want to die, they won't allow it. I agree that life is a gift and should be lived to the full. But people who cannot enjoy their lives should have the right to end them. One case that demonstrates the pattern clearly, would be that of Margo MacDonald. Margo MacDonald has Parkinson's disease. With the support followers she gained from travelling around the country she drew up a bill (End of Life Choices) and put it forward at a Scottish Parliament Debate (she is an SMP). However even with all the media coverage and supporters of the bill behind it the Government shot down the idea with a majority of 85 against to 16 for and with the absence of a party whip this was the MSP's own choice. ...read more.


Indeed we should never force people into something they don't want to do, but if they want to die can we force them out of what they want? Who gives anyone the right to decide whether a person who is terminally ill can die or not? No one should have that right. People who believe in Euthanasia wouldn't go around killing people who are terminally ill, so why is it people who don't believe in Euthanasia can stop people who wish to die? Finally Euthanasia cannot be classed as murder it shows a high level of confusion in society if they can't see the difference between mercy killing and murder, nobody wants to be murdered that's why it's called murder and is a crime. However Euthanasia can only be carried out under strict guidelines and multiple consent forms filed out by patients, two independent psychiatrists, your GP and family members, Euthanasia is when someone wants to die and they need to die to stop them suffering. Sources: Wikipedia: Euthanasia (webpage) Euthanasia: Your Choice? (DVD) RME Euthanasia s4 summary sheets (written notes) Wikipedia: Margo MacDonald (webpage) Scottish Parliament: End of life choices bill (webpage) ...read more.

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