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Should footballers be paid so much?

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[1]When you walk around towns and streets, seeing, single moms,care- workers,teachers,health care nurses not getting paid enough money it makes my stomach turn, but what makes it a lot worse, is when you get, male footballers getting paid 30-80 million pounds to kick a football around for 90 minutes or less it makes me wonder where our priorities lie. Yes, footballers are talented and entertain us,and As much as I love football with passion, I have to admit, footballers get paid too much. ...read more.


now Footballers get paid so much because of the vast amount of money they generate, be it from advertising, TV rights or ticket revenues. The money flooding into football explains such large salaries, all though its not just footballers, singers and actors etc make just the same entertainments a big thing and helps us all but its time we take a reality check. we cant keep flooding our footballers singers etc with millions of pounds and then turn around and moan about the the economy. ...read more.


it a better place for the future with: a rise in pay up to 20% for: teachers doctors health care staff social workers policewomen and men firemen and women and other public services. the rest of the money will help get companies and businesses get out of recession more equipment for schools better computers, laptops,photocopiers etc. With people on the doll, unless they have proper illness and are unable to work we will find them a job weather its litter picking or assistantance in other ways. minimum wage will rise 4% LETS stop dreaming and make it reality. ...read more.

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