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Should girls be given the same education as boys?

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This essay is about the discussion of should Girls be given the same education as boys. Some people agreed and some disagreed. Education is important for everyone because it is the key for success in life. Imagine without education people can't read, write or even communicate with each other. God gives everyone brains. It is us humans who need to train it in order to do well in academics. Everyone deserves a proper and good quality education. Some people think that girls and boys should get different education; reasons why some people think that girls should be educated at home and stay at home. For example, girls should know how to cook. ...read more.


Nowadays, women challenge men because women have the opportunities to excel in education. According to the U.S statistics it shows that women have high rating in education. Women who graduate with a bachelor's degree achieved 23.7 percent and men achieved 27.5 percent. This proves that women in general are able to do as well as men even in academics and thus have the right to be treated with equality. The Government is now making sure that women and children will not be deprived of their rights as human being In my opinion girls and boys should get the same education so they have the same opportunities. Everyone should get proper education. ...read more.


In fact the smartest person in the world is a woman named Marilyn Vos savant, she has the IQ of 228. As human beings, I believe that we should definitely have equal education and gender should not matter. Girls should have the opportunities to shine and show boys that they might actually be better at things that we are good in. Girls deserve to be treated equally. Women deserve to have equal rights and quality education in order for them to prove their worth in society, to maximize their potential and to develop their talents to be an important contributor to mankind and to have a productive and peaceful life in the community. ?? ?? ?? ?? Should girls be given the same education as boys Md Khairi azmi Block3 Mrs. Clare Flynn ...read more.

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