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Should Governments Prohibit Logging

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Should Governments Prohibit Logging? Logging is the process in which trees are cut down for forest management and timber. This process has shrunk many forests around the world and is continuing and is still continuing to do so. Governments consider logging to be a good thing because they can sell the timber and wood to boost their country's economy whereas environmentalists consider logging to be a bad thing because it endangers many species and can aggravate global warming. Logging is not the same as deforestation. Logging is the main cause of deforestation. Deforestation can happen in other ways such as forest fires besides logging. When governments owe banks a huge amount of money, they have to exploit the country's natural resources to pay for the national debt and for their own development. Tropical hardwoods are a resource which is in high demand around the world. Brazil owes the World Bank about US$100 billion. The world demands for US$ 8 billion of tropical hardwoods and in order to pay the debt, Brazil sells their tropical hardwood which is obtained by commercial logging. ...read more.


After logging, the wood can be made into paper and other materials and in order for this to happen, we will need more manpower. So logging opens more job opportunities for people who would otherwise be unemployed. Every part of the forest that has been logged is arable land. This provides opportunities for farmers to grow crops. The crops then provide food for man. Logging also provides access to additional resources that can be found in the forest. For example, some places with heavy forests are home to iron ore, mineral, and even oil deposits which can be used for man's needs. The main cause of global warming is logging. During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Since the Amazon rainforests help significantly to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere, the cutting down of these trees will affect the atmosphere. Since less carbon dioxide is absorbed by the trees, more carbon dioxide is trapped and this will lead to the aggravation of global warming. Also by cutting down trees, the carbon dioxide that is stored within them and released into the atmosphere and thus aggravating global warming. ...read more.


The destruction of the Amazon forests in Brazil will reduce the biodiversity and lessen the chances of survival of other living organisms. For instance, many powerful medicinal drugs such as quinine are produced from plants found only in the tropical rainforests. Many of the undiscovered plants in the forest may contain the cure for other diseases and if the rainforests are cut down, we may never discover the medicinal properties of these plants. In my opinion, logging should not be fully prohibited. People need wood for paper, furniture and etc. If logging is fully prohibited, we cannot obtain wood from rainforests . Also if the US$ 100 billion wood business is closed down, the rate of development for the developing countries like Indonesia will decrease. I believe that people should carry out selective logging whereby trees that have met a certain criteria for example, only trees with a certain minimum circumference can be cut. This ensures that there are many trees in the rainforests. This measure can stop the nutrient cycle from getting worse, prevent global warming from getting worse, ensure the animals in the rainforest have a habitat and the trees can also still stop flooding. ...read more.

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4 star(s)

Response to the question

The response is balanced, considering both points of view until reaching an informed judgement in the conclusion. Defining the term ‘logging’ and summarising the opposing points of view is achieved within the introduction. However, this response reads far more like ...

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Response to the question

The response is balanced, considering both points of view until reaching an informed judgement in the conclusion. Defining the term ‘logging’ and summarising the opposing points of view is achieved within the introduction. However, this response reads far more like a geography essay than it does an English language essay on account of the superfluous scientific detail exhibited. Paragraph three offers a description of “tree-length logging”, “full-tree logging” and “cut-to-length logging”, none of which are relevant to the question as to whether governments should prohibit logging, unless these have varying ethical implications which is not suggested by the candidate. A ‘less is more’ mentality would improve the focus of this response.

Level of analysis

This response could benefit from use of discourse markers to guide the reader through the essay. For example, introduce new paragraphs with ‘this leads on to…’ or ‘by contrast with the earlier point…’ This technique would compensate somewhat for what is essentially a Wikipedia/textbook-style response and help maintain a level of debate throughout. The candidate focuses too much upon scientific points instead of commenting upon ethical implications such as the employment opportunities for disadvantaged people. This is referred to in paragraph five yet what should be a key catalyst for debate is given little over three lines which seem inappropriate given the factual detail preceding it.

Quality of writing

Despite its shortcomings, the response is sophisticated and there are no noticeable errors within it. The candidate could now consider using hyphens and semi-colons to give the essay greater ‘polish’. Another minor point, paragraphs should rarely be as short as two, three and four lines in professional essays such as this. However, this candidate can clearly write to a high standard.

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Reviewed by parataxis 25/02/2012

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