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Should same-sex marriages be legalized?

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Should same-sex marriages be legalized? Traditionally, marriage was defined as a legal commitment between a man and woman. Homosexual relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance in the world. However, in some countries, same sex-couples are not permitted to marry. Hence, legalization of same-sex marriage becomes a source of controversy in the world. A lot of people question, should same-sex marriages be legalized? The first point, which is often argued regarding to this issue, is the origin of homosexuality. Many people think that it is a choice made by an individual to be a homo, but in fact, the sexual orientation is inborn. It is already determined before we are born. There are not many differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals, except their partners are gay or lesbian. People had their freedom and right to choose to love someone. ...read more.


For examples, some celebrities make use of in-vitro fertilization to become pregnant. Some even find a surrogate mother to do it for them. Even without these technologies, the homos can still find their children through adoption. In America, the divorce rate draws near to fifty percents. Can we still ensure that heterosexual couples equal to a complete family? The answer is definitely not. Furthermore, this principle is unfair to the homosexuals. If we are going to deny same-sex marriage on this principle, then it must include other people as well. A barren women or a sterile male should not be allowed to marry because they are not able to produce children. Are we going to start requiring that the people who want to get marry, to prove they have the ability to reproduce? This would only narrow the definition of marriage to being intender for giving birth to children. ...read more.


If a woman in America is engaged in pre-marital sex, contraception or being divorced, she would only be considered to violate the biblical discipline, but she is still allowed to marry under the legal definition in the country. This should also be applied to the same-sex marriages. Although same-sex marriages is not allowed in the view of religion, but religious definition does not mean anything, there are still many factors to be considered on whether the same-sex marriages should be legalized or not. The same-sex couples also want the same rights enjoyed by the heterosexual couples. Like the social security benefits, the rights of joint-tax returns and also many other benefits. If you are married heterosexual couples, how does the legalization of same-sex marriages threaten your marriage? Certainly, it doesn't affect or harm you at all. In summarization, there are no points that same-sex marriages should not be legalized. Homosexual couples are no different with us, therefore, they should also enjoy the same freedom and rights that we have. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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