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Should Smoking Be Banned?

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´╗┐Should Smoking Be Banned? By Stephanie Clark A cigarette is made from nicotine which is an addictive chemical, when inhaled by someone it can stop the cilia in your bronchial tube moving. Smoking should be banned because not only is it addictive but it also affects the health of those inhaling it and all those around them. Smoking is extremely dangerous; it can cause all sorts of illnesses such as lung cancer. There has been much research into smoking, why it should be banned and the diseases it can cause which consist of lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema, all of which can lead to death. ...read more.


If babies or young children are exposed to smoke they can get respiratory infections or even worse. People who suffer from a respiratory disorder like asthma can have trouble breathing. If you?re lucky and don?t get any major problems from smoking, there are always the minor ones such as rotting teeth or sore throats. Many people die from smoking and in a year it can cause up to 5 million deaths worldwide. If you have one cigarette it leads to another, then another, then an addiction. This would mean that you couldn?t ban smoking because it would be very difficult for all smokers to quit. ...read more.


If treated properly then all smokers could stop without smoking being banned. In conclusion I agree that it would be very hard to stop smoking suddenly but in time it could be banned. Give people the help they need and soon enough there urge will fall. Yes, smoking is dangerous not just for you but the people around you as well. I don?t believe that banning smoking will reduce the risk of developing fatal illnesses because if you?re meant to have a disease you?ll get it. Yes as a country the number of people dying young each year will go down but it doesn?t mean it?s because you stopped smoking it just means we?ve put more research into how to cure the fatal illnesses that people have developed. The website(s) I used: http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/physical_health/conditions/smoking_health_effects.shtml ...read more.

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