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Should smoking be banned in public places?

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Should smoking be banned in public places? Smoking is a very controversial subject and attracts a lot of debate. There are many different views and opinions, most of the time conflicting, from many different people, some who smoke all the time and some who have never smoked at all. Personally, I feel rather indecisive about smoking I'd probably say it is the person's own choice if they want to smoke...but when they smoke in public places it affects everyone. Every year 1000 people die from breathing in other people's smoke. That's 1000 passive smokers who don't smoke and yet they still suffer the consequences of smoking! Given that we can see why some people would want smoking to be banned in public places. Despite this smokers are still free to smoke in most public places and personally I think that this is wrong. In contrast, some smokers would say that in every public area there should be two separate spots, one designated for smoking and one where smoking is prohibited, for instance, a smoking and non-smoking section in a restaurant. ...read more.


Some people think that passive smoking is very rare and not very serious but as shown before, 1000 people fall victim to passive smoking every year. Passive smoking is detrimental to the health of adults and increasingly, children, who, according to recent studies, run a higher risk of developing lung problems. From the data to date, it appears that passive smoking carries a 1.5 relative risk of developing cancer of the lung as compared to non-smokers. To me, this is the strongest statement against public smoking as it shows how harmful smoking really is, even to non-smokers. Also, smoking may have a distasteful impression on some people. Smoking is considered to be a dirty habit and leaves a smoker's teeth yellow, and results in their clothes and fingers smelling badly. The smell of smoke may get in people's hair and clothes when they are in public places which they probably will feel gravely about. ...read more.


Smoking is a form of pollution and is the biggest death-causing pollutant in Europe. Voluntary polluting is illegal in quite a few countries so then why can't the most fatal cause of pollution be banned? Some people could argue and say this isn't quite the same but I see this as just the same and almost worse as it causes more fatalities. In conclusion I think the negative aspects of smoking far outweigh the positive. In my opinion the most persuasive of these facts is the death toll of smoking and the results of passive smoking. As stated before smoking is just for leisure and yet is causes so much death, why should people die for other people's enjoyment? Smoking is unattractive and off-putting and may even cost some public places such as restaurants or shops to loose business. Although smoking may relax people and maybe make some people feel happier, it is a small price to pay for the great loss of life it results in. ...read more.

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