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Should television news be censored during children's viewing hours?

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Should television news be censored during children's viewing hours? Children are our future. And it is necessary that children should all enjoy a well education system, in order to learn the knowledge of life. Besides letting children to go to school for education, television is also a way for them to get to know more about the world. Recently, there is a controversial topic of 'should television news be censored during children's viewing hours?' Many people claim that children will have negative influences if they watch too much violence or distressing graphics from the television news. But I do not think there is a need to censor the news by cutting all distressing graphics. I believe there is a need for the children to know what and how things are running in the world. Furthermore, I think having a better Television code regulation and censoring other film and cartoon programs are more pragmatic than editing cartoon- liked news for the public. In this essay, I am going to point out the details of why I disagree with the news censoring for children. Firstly, it is known that both adults and children need to be informed of the current affairs and world events. ...read more.


Thus, if the news is censored for children, then the majority audience group (the adult) is ignored. And to be honest, it is not really pragmatic to censor television news; instead, the government should focus on other programs which children like most, for example: films and computer games. Nowadays, many films and computer games are made to be 'too dramatic'; this projects a wrong society concept to children. Like the violent film, children believe that violence is the only way to solve problem when the character inside the film is created to be too heroic. So, I think the government should not focus on censoring news when news are never made to be 'over dramatic'. To conclude, I think children growth is negatively influenced if they are banned to watch the reality of the world. I do not think they will be affected a lot if they are letting to watch the distressing graphics, as they are actually all around the media world. Thus, censoring news in children viewing hours is very unnecessary. The most essential way to avoid children from getting negative knowledge from the news is to guide them watch the news with a correct attitude. ...read more.


There is an argument saying that regulating children's television viewing is a parental responsibility. And some parents are so willing to let their children to watch news without having any special treatment for children. They tend to explain what and why things happen instead of banning their children to get a touch of the reality. Moreover, there is a 16 years old girl saying that she would like to watch the news (no matter it is with or without any distressing graphic). She said that the violence shows the reality and it teaches her things that the school can not provide. Also, it is believed that the news editors have good judgments on what is okay and not okay to be shown. And they think that both children and adults need to be informed of the current affairs and world events. And once there is television code, like what other countries do, it can provide the parents enough information for their guidance of children. And the most important of all, people against this issue because they think that television news should not be the key concern for the public on the proper growth of kids. Computer games and films may contain more exaggerated graphics than news. And these two media should take into concern rather than television news. ...read more.

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