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Should the minimum age for driving be raised?

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´╗┐Tough Call on Older Age vs. Younger Age Licensing Policies! Just in Canada about 23,197,572 different age groups were licensed in 2009. From that 23,197,572 about 1,096,437 teenagers between the ages of 16 ? 19 are licensed in 2009. From the 23,197,572 about 22,101,135 ages 20 and above are licenced in Canada in 2009. (http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/tp-tp3322-2009-1173.htm#t2) People now days think that teen drivers are the worst and the driving age should be increase, however it is not just teenagers that create accidents; there are various reasons to why collisions occur. In Ontario, you are able to take the test and get your driver?s license at the age of 16, but you need to have an experienced driver beside you until you?re 17 years of age. In my opinion, I think that the driving age should not be increased because the rates of fatalities are high but not as ...read more.


(http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/tp-tp3322-2009-1173.htm#t2) Furthermore, the second most age group that faced harsh outcomes from accident were from the ages of 45 to 54. 18.4 % of the people encountered fatalities and 18.2 % faced serious injuries. (http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/tp-tp3322-2009-1173.htm#t2) This data collected illustrates that accidents occurred more to the older age groups compared to the young drivers. Therefore, by increasing the age group the teens would be penalized for the few teenagers that actually were involved in the accidents. Secondly, by rising the driving age it would be harder for drivers to grasp onto information as they get older. The older the drivers gets the more difficult it will be for the new learners to keep their memory onto such signs on the roads. Studies demonstrate that as humans get older their brain starts to lose more white matter pathways. ...read more.


(http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/tp-tp3322-2009-1173.htm#t2) As a result, the older drivers are the more number of deaths is caused by drivers who were drinking and driving. This would only be an option to the older drivers because they would be permitted to buy alcohol. If the drivers were younger there would be much less chances for that to occur because when you?re 16 or 17 years of age driving; they would not be able to buy any drinks. Therefore, the driving age should not be raised. In conclusion, the age should not be raised for driving because collisions occurred more to the older drivers than the younger drivers, the older you get the harder it will be to learn the rules of driving, and the older humans get the more chances of drinking and driving. ...read more.

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