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Should the monarchy be eradicated?

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Should the monarchy be eradicated? Should the monarchy be eradicated? People have started to say that there is no need for the monarchy after hundreds of years. I personally am all in favour of keeping the monarchy as they are surely a piece of British history and are a British icon that is known all over the world. For well over a thousand years we have benefited from their strength and presence and I think it would be a huge shame to get rid of them now. Most people are not patriotic anymore like they used to be. First of all, they do a great service (especially the Queen in my opinion) to us all in attending thousands of functions and engagements every year. ...read more.


anything for anyone but the media would not like it because they are big news and people like to read about what the monarchy have done bad so it worth a lot of money to the media. The monarchy can also be a very useful thing in the time of political turmoil. As the Queen has absolute power and yet at the same time virtually no power, she can halt any bad movement in parliament. Even though this is a very extreme scenario, there are other ones that can be thought of, with the monarchy holding the power to restore order once more. Another good thing is that although the monarchy has this power, they rarely use it at all. If there were people who rule over everything that would be terrible so we have to find a line where parliament can rule as well as the monarchy. ...read more.


They are out of touch because (A) (It would seem very strange and probably very inappropriate) if the future king (William) happened to be a far out skater/surfer kid who likes controversial music such as Eminem. (B)The second reason is that they are so protected that they cannot keep in touch with the present. For example, the royal children cannot go out without plenty of protection (and that makes it almost not worth going out somewhere) and what would people think if the Queen went to Bingo each week? I think people would choose the traditional monarchy to a modern 'hip' and modern one. Overall I think we should keep the royal family as they are a British icon which stands for some much of British history. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex Aquilina 11MTO ...read more.

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