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Should the use of Cannabis be Legalised?

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Header: OCR Citezenship Studies Short Course Coursework B - Should the use of Cannabis be Legalised? Background Information Cannabis is a natrual substance which is formed from the 'Cannabis Sativa' plant commonly known as 'weed'. It's most common form comes in the form of a solid lump also known as 'resin'. Other forms include Stalks, Seeds and oil. cannabis can be either rolled with special paper to make a Joint or a Spliff which can be smoked. It can be used in a special pipe called a 'Bong' or it can be cooked and eaten as Hash. cannabis comes in different strengths, It's strongest form is known as 'Skunk'. It is illegal to produce, posses or supply cannabis. It is seen as a minor offence because cannabis is a class C drug due to it's declassification in the spring of 2002 but cannabis Oil remains a class A drug. Cannabis is not physically addictive but it can carry a mental addiction. Only a minority of users can become dependant on the drug. It's effects on the user can sometimes differ depending on how much has been taken. ...read more.


In the most recent report, a controversial 1999 study commissioned by the United States federal government found that marijuana is effective in relieving pain, nausea, and the severe weight loss associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Moreover, this study confirmed that marijuana is not physically addictive, nor does it naturally lead to the use of other illegal drugs. The main argument for the legalisation of cannabis is the way the drug is handled in Amsterdam where people can go to specially set up cafe `s where they can smoke cannabis legally without prosecution. Users of the drug would like to give it a try too and someone almost did in Southampton in the summer of 2002 but the shop was closed a week after it's opening. Arguments against legalising cannabis Just as people would like to see cannabis legal and easy to access. There are as many people who would like to see it illegal and banned in the UK. Reasons for the way people might feel that way follow. The main argument for the classification of cannabis into a class A drug is the popular belief that it leads you onto harder drugs such as Heroin or Cocaine. ...read more.


Conclusion Should cannabis be legalised, it would cause more problems than it would solve. Anti-Drug organisation would go crazy trying to get the drug legalised again. If the government were to take the cigarette route with cannabis it probably wouldn't work as people would stock up and sell the drug on and we'd be back were we started. I doubt that the government would completely make cannabis legal to the public because it wouldn't be a wise decision considering all the drug-related problems we have in the community today. The only way I think we'd ever see cannabis legalised is in specially designated Cafe`s like the have in Amsterdam, I think that it would be the best solution for everyone because it wouldn't be on the street for children to use and it would be in places away from the public so there would be very little cause for complain. I could see the government doing one of the three things with cannabis but however long that may take is debatable. Whatever the case may be with the legalisation of cannabis, the only sure thing about the situation is the fact that no matter what the outcome of the future of cannabis not everyone will agree with it. Appendices http://www.1-cannabis-seeds.com/ Footer: Sherlone Antony Ignatius Citizenship 10x1 21st March 2003 ...read more.

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