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Should The Use of Cannabis be Legallised?

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Should the use of cannabis be legalised? The question I am trying to answer is 'Should the use of cannabis be legalised?' The new information I am trying to find out to help me answer the question is to find out what cannabis is, how it affects humans and the good and bad thing about cannabis. This information is important because it will help me decide weather or not the use of cannabis should be legalised. Here is the information I have found out to help me answer the question and where I found it (the source). Info Website Description of cannabis, effects, consequences, etc www.talktofrank.com/drugs.aspx?id=172 Benefits of cannabis www.benefitsofmarijuana.com/benefits.php Description of cannabis effects, etc http://www.homehealth-uk.com/medical/professional_drugtests_cannabis.htm Effects of cannabis www.thegooddrugsguide.com/cannabis/effects.htm Most of the information I have collected is useful because it will help me answer the question 'should the use of cannabis be legalised?' ...read more.


This information is important because I will be able to see bad things and good things about cannabis which will help me decide my answer to the main question. When I look at the information I have collected the patterns I see are that in both the frank site and the home health site they say that cannabis has bad effects including the user feeling more sociable, relaxed, talkative, and giggly. It can also bring on food cravings (sometimes referred to as the munchies) these effects are also show other websites including the good drugs guide site. This graph shows me that cannabis is between all the other drugs of causing harm. This means that there is still a 50:50 chance that cannabis will cause some harm to your body. ...read more.


Cannabis could cause long term effects on metal health including schizophrenia. Some of my reasons are linked to each other and other information. The reason about cannabis being socially being accepted is linked to the reason about encouraging cannabis. The reason about the NHS is linked to government and politics issues. People, the economy and the environment are affected by the decisions we make. My decision could have the following affects. The price of drugs could go up by illegal suppliers; people could start protests about legalising cannabis. The environment would be affected by people planting less cannabis than there would if legalised. My overall reason why cannabis should not be legalised is that legalisation would promote the use of cannabis and maybe other drugs too, which would create more problems in many ways. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Huseyin Arpalikli 10M ...read more.

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