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Should Vivisection Be Made Illegal?

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Should Vivisection Be Made Illegal? Vivisection is experimentation on living animals for scientific research. This experimentation can involve animals being burnt, crushed, sliced, electrocuted, tortured with drugs or poisoned with toxic chemicals. Vivisection has been carried out ever since the time humans developed knives. Governments have a very difficult decision on whether to ban vivisection or not. This is because humans can benefit from it but sometimes at the expense of an animal. The use of animals in testing cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients is now banned in the United Kingdom. This does not include research on drugs. One point that people become stressed over is that too many animals are being killed, Of the 2.7 million experiments carried out in 1999, over eighty five per cent were mice, rats and other rodents." ...read more.


Antibiotics are also very important, they are prescribed to patients everyday to fight infections. "All animal species are however unique, including humans and it is unreliable and can be misleading or harmful when data collected from vivisection is applied to humans." This was proven in the 1960's. Numerous animal experiments were carried out where animals had to inhale tobacco smoke. It showed that it did not cause lung cancer. Tobacco companies used these studies to delay Government and doctors' warnings of the harmful effects. Over the past century many thousands of animals have been cruelly experimented on. This is why the majority of people against vivisection protest. At the University of Pennsylvania a test was carried out to study the result of head trauma, "Animals were strapped to machinery to receive high-impact blows to the head, that left them with severe brain damage," This is only one example of a horrible experiment. ...read more.


They agree that further in the future computers may become more hi-tech and much more reliable. At the moment computers are nowhere near the standard to predict such experiments. After going through the pros and cons of vivisection, I feel that the cons slightly outweigh the pros. I think that vivisection should be made illegal where animals are put through pain. Anaesthetics could be used to reduce the pain. I do not think it's fair that animals should suffer just for humans. There have been discoveries without using vivisection such as, "The isolation and transmission of the HIV virus, the mechanism of HIV transmission and the discovery of the relationship between cholesterol and heart diseases." (The number one death in America.) I also believe that because there have been incorrect results in the past from vivisection, it is too risky to be carried on in the future. ...read more.

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