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Should we ban boxing?

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Should we ban boxing? It is my considered opinion that things such as boxing are plain and simply out of order in this day and age. How can we consider ourselves to be truly civilised if we call inflicting injury to another human being a form of sport? Boxing is a sport where two participants of similar weight attack each other with their fists in a series of two to three sessions in both amateur and professional fights. The aim of the game is to avoid your opponent's punches whilst trying to land punches of your own; points are then awarded for clean solid blows to your opponent above waistline height. The fighter with the most points after the two or three sessions is declared the winner unless your opponent is knocked down and unable to get up before the referee counts to ten. Boxing is the only sport in the world where the contestants are supposed to deliberately punch their opponent in the head to win and get maximum points, I find this totally unacceptable, most sports do not even think about encouraging deliberate violence and often penalise participants for it . ...read more.


Five hundred boxers have died fighting in the ring or as a result of boxing since the Marquis of Queensberry rules were introduced in 1884 right the way up to 1995 this is a very worrying statistics. In other sports such as football if you hit your fellow opponent you would be red carded and would not take any further part in the final parts of the game, why should you get extra points for hitting your opponent in the head and get extra points for it in boxing its barbaric. How would you be able to live with yourself if you knocked your fellow opponent out and killed him? A lot of boxers such as Oliver Spencer lose a lot of weight when competing in major events due to pressure from coaches and the media, losing so much weight can be very dangerous for your health. Oliver Spencer got down to an amazing 8st 10lb which was a very light weight for his height. ...read more.


Big championship fights should be reduced in length or to have more breaks because most of the serious injuries happen in the final stages of the fight because the boxers are very tired and drowsy at this point of the fight. Amateurs and professional boxers should wear extra protective clothing and heavier gloves so that it will be harder for the boxers to seriously injure each other. There also should be better crowd control and a ban on alcohol in the boxing arena. There fore I have taken in all the evidence and facts about boxing and have came to this conclusion. I have decided that boxing should not be banned but made a lot safer by there being allot more medical assistance in the boxing ring with shorter matches, and protective clothing for both amateurs and professional boxers. It is my considered opinion that things such as boxing are not barbaric at all but plain and simply a great sport to exercise your mind and to keep unbelievably fit. Boxing should not be remembered for deaths but for unbelievably good fights. ...read more.

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