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Should we bring back capital punishment?

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Should we bring back Capital Punishment? Recent revelations, that murder rates in the UK have raised over the past 35 years, have provided people with the question, should the death penalty be reinstated? I aim to lay out the major advantages and disadvantages of the question that is on the tip of our tongues. Back in the years, when Kings and Queens ruled their lands, the poor were 'peasants' and good food only appeared in the castles, no guilt was spared for beheading a criminal. Times moved on, laws changed and that decision became one that a Judge would make. Several penalties were enforced, that being hanging, electrocution and many other torture methods. In 1965, laws were changed and Capital punishment was abolished, France eventually followed with their final guillotining in 1977. The murder of two innocent schoolgirls, in August 2002, once more raised the question, Should Capital Punishment return? The question not only forces people to make a split decision, it has also caused a major uproar both in households and the Houses of Parliament. ...read more.


One thing to think about is that you cannot bring a murdered victim by killing the guilty party, two wrongs don't make a right and killing the prisoner would be a wrong. As well as this, what is it teaching younger generations? That killing another person for their own errors is ok? I thought that's what we were trying to avoid. A Christian may say that only God has the right to take life, we are not superior enough, Also that God would want us to protect life and not get rid of it like we would be doing if we brought it back. I feel they would think this because one of the ten commandments says, 'Thou Shalt not kill' meaning we should not sin because of other peoples sins. Plus God planned for man to be in authority over his creations. This can be understood to mean that we should take care of his creatures, not only animals but us as well. ...read more.


Children will be raised to know that if in life they were to commit murder, they would face the same ending as their victim. Additionally, there is a saying that, 'a punishment should fit the crime,' If the crime is murder, then death should be on the cards for the person who has sinned. The families of the victim will rest assured that the person that caused the heartache and break up of their family will get what they deserve, and they will never return to kill again. In conclusion, I, as many other people, have come to a split decision, yes I agree with bringing it back but at the same time, is there any need? Can't we just tighten our laws? I believe that Capital Punishment should not be brought back, but if it is brought back it should ONLY be used if DNA has been tested and the law is 100% that the accused did commit the crime. It should only be used in cases of serious murder or serial killing; any thing other and the prisoner can spend time in prison wallowing in their guilt. By Amy Pope 9KJ ...read more.

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