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Should we Judge a Woman by the cover of her magazine?

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Should we judge a woman by the cover of her magazine? DO we judge a woman by her magazine is, by a clear margin, the easier question than the title question with a just a simple... yes; Should we is a different question in itself. Surely the answer is a straightforward no, not on your life etc... However, it's nearly impossible not to do so in this image obsessed society we see ourselves in. Let's take a look at May 2008's Cosmopolitan magazine, just at a quick glance at the front cover you can tell what the magazine wants us to see; the contrasting colours of the words 'sex', 'fake tan', 'fashion' 'men' and , (how could I forget), 'sex' again. The thought of chauvinistic men spotting the front cover of this journalistic monstrosity and truly believing women are physically capable only to be interested in these topics is enough to make any independent, headstrong, career women to, quite literally, combust with rage. Just think for a second and say to yourself, is this ALL I care about? ...read more.


As soon as these magazine companies have caught you in a rut of insecurity and anxiety and have got you eating out of their perfectly manicured hands you'll find yourself in a false sense of security... until the 'fashion' changes. As soon as this event happens the magazines, in effect tell you, buy our magazine and find out what the 'hot list' is so that you are good enough and attractive, if you don't you will be a freak in the eyes of your peers. How can a woman relax if fashion is always changing? The hypocrisy of these magazines is so massive it's actually enough to make anyone feel sick in body and in mind, surely you must agree. 'You're NOT fat- the truth about body confidence' in bright yellow letters... what are they on about? By placing a highly attractive (with a SLIGHT hint of sexiness) of Kate Hudson on the front looking dubiously perfect isn't going to make anyone feel good about themselves, is it? Obviously the journalists (if you can call them that) ...read more.


(We can still hope though) So, how does the average woman get perceived if magazines were the only way judge a character? I reckon it would be something like this... 'Women are narcissists only interested in image and status among the social ladder who find sinister stories of kidnap and rape interesting as it makes them feel better about themselves. Sticking their noses into other people's lives is second nature to women and women only believe man is for one thing...sex and nothing else'. Am I right to say that? NO, of course I'm not. Feminine magazine portray this message on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis for anything up to �5 a go. Is that fair? No! Non! Nein and all the other languages the 'Cosmo-bible' is written in; it's an international epidemic and we must all act now...before it's too late. As you march forth to the nearest newsagents think to yourself... would I happily swallow Cyanide or Strychnine? Feminine magazines are poison, resist the eye catching titles and offers inside and be strong. Everyone can improve, of course, but you don't NEED to. Break the stereotype and be free from the oppression. A new era has begun. ...read more.

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