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Show how a character from "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband" and one other story are put under p

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Show how a character from "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband" and one other story are put under pressure. Explain how and why this happens. All the stories I have studied from "Opening worlds" have shown some form of pressure towards a character in the stories. This pressure that is created is designed to build up tension which keeps the reader interested in the story. The pressure in "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband" and the "The Gold-Legged Frog" are created by a confrontation between two or more people. The confrontation which puts a character under pressure is usually written in quotation marks. This makes the reader fell more connected with the story and character because the character is saying the following words. ...read more.


All these questions are fired at Mrs Tall which puts he on the spot light. She is not even allowed time to even attempt answering if she wanted to. This can only put pressure on her to answer all the questions. The reason for the author making all these questions towards Mrs Tall is so it keeps the reader interested. It keeps the reader wonder whether she will answer the questions, and it also proves Mrs Tall's loyalty towards her Husband which shows the couples close and tight relationship. "The Gold-Legged Frog" is a tragedy for Nak, for he loses his son to a snake bit. Just before his son dies he has to go up in front of a counsel and explain to complete strangers why he has so many children and why he should have the two hundred baht. ...read more.


Nak is also put under pressure by having to make sure to bring back money to be able to buy antibiotics for his son who is bitten. The whole situation with his son and his lack of money must keep Nak under pressure to constantly work and look after his family that lives with him. The Authors both use the same technique to show a character under pressure. The use of description with the quotations really let the reader understand the tone in which is being used. This keeps the reader interested and wanting to read more. By using other characters to put a character under pressure makes the situation more realistic and exciting. It must make it easier for the authors to build up pressure by involving other characters. ...read more.

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