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Show how Edgar Allan Poe uses language to create atmosphere and describe the state of mind of the murderer

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Show how Edgar Allan Poe uses language to create atmosphere and describe the state of mind of the murderer Consider how the modern reader might respond to this story. In this essay i will discuss the which language techniques Poe uses to create atmosphere and suspence. I will also show how he allows us to get into the mind of the murder and how he conveys his state of mind. The tell-tale heart is the story of a man who decides to murder the old man he is living with. ...read more.


Poe also uses short, intense sentences to increase suspence and atmosphere. He uses this technique throughout the story whenever he needs to renew the tension.Straight away the murderer begins to argue his sanity. This suggests to the reader that he may have done something for others to think him mad, this again makes the reader want to read on to find out what he has done. Poe tells the story in the first person, in my mind this is exactly the right choice as it allows us into the head of the murderer. ...read more.


I think that if the story was told in the third person it would make it a lot harder to follow. The murderer is also made to seem very obsessive, this makes his claims of sanity less and less belivable as the story progresses. His obsession with the murder of the old man becomes apparent when he claims how it 'haunted me day and night'. This obsession makes the murderer seem very intense and it helps to increase the atmosphere even more. At this stage Poe continues to use short sentences and a lot of punctuation to increase tension. Poe makes the murderer especially calm when he goes about murdering the old man ...read more.

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