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"Show How Plot, Charecterisation and Theme Are Effectively Portrayed In Act 1 of Hamlet"

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"Show How Plot, Charecterisation and Theme Are Effectively Portrayed In Act 1 of Hamlet" In order to answer the above question, I will divide my essay into three parts first I will look at the plot, second the characterisation and thirdly the theme. Followed by a discussion how these three have been used effectively in the first Act of Hamlet. In Act 1 Scene 1 we first meet Bernardo, Francisco and Marcellus who are officers of the watch we also meet Hamlet's friend Horatio. Marcellus and Barnardo have been on watch and seem to be very worried and conscious of something, they use short blunt lines to make there point and also they seem very agitated and impatient for the arrival of Horatio and Marcellus: " Well good night. If you do meet Horatio and Marcellus, The rivals of my watch bid them make haste" Marcellus and Barnardo had seen the ghost twice previously and due to Horatio's disbelief; Marcellus has convinced him to stand watch with them that night. They believe that the ghost resembles the dead King Hamlet. The atmosphere has a sense of danger and a chill of excitement is running through the air. Around one o'clock, the ghost appears. Horatio attempts to speak with it but the ghost will not answer and leaves: Horatio: " What art thou unsup'st this time of night, Together with that fair and warlike form In which the majesty of buried Denmark Did sometimes march? ...read more.


Hamlet consents to stay and is left alone. In his solitude, Hamlet laments the death of his father and the remarriage of his mother in less than a month from that day. Hamlet feels that the marriage between his mother and uncle is incestuous and that nothing good will come of their union. Hamlet is a very gloomy character as soon as he speaks we can see that he is depressed and may even be mad. He contemplated suicide, but he can not do it because it is a sin and he wants his soul to go to heaven. He has turmoil's in his head and he bears all grief. Barnardo, Horatio, and Marcellus enter here and converse with the prince. Horatio agrees that the marriage and funeral occurred in rapid succession and he seems very aggressive when he comments on the marriage he seems to despise the though that occurred: Hamlet - " Thrift thrift Horatio. The funeral baked meats Did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables. Would I had met my dearest foe in heaven Or ever I had seen that day, Horatio. My father, methinks I see my father -" He resents the fact that his uncle married his mother so soon after the marriage. Horatio then tells Hamlet that he believes he has seen the ghost of the dead king as soon as Hamlet mentions that he believes he has seen his father. ...read more.


The ghost exits and Hamlet swears revenge. Horatio and Marcellus arrive and Hamlet swears them to secrecy along with the disembodied voice of the ghost. Horatio and Marcellus swear the oath and the three men exit. Once again here the bond of friendship is effective because Horatio and Marcellus swear not to tell a soul. The theme of revenge and murder is opened. These all contribute to the dark, gloomy, eerie atmosphere. For the love of Hamlets father he must murder. Through the whole of Act 1 "the state of Denmark is rotten". Hamlet feels betrayed by his own mother and this seems to "confuse" him even more. He is betraying his mother by doing what the ghost of his father has asked him to do. But then again his uncle betrayed his own brother. The sense of betrayal intertwines and links to each character. The plot is effective because each speech is needed to learn about the personality of the character. It contributes to the atmosphere of the play. Although when Hamlet discovers the atrocity committed by his uncle, he wishes for revenge. In that time, it would have been quite natural to take matters into his own hands. In order to keep his plans secret; he cannot let on that he knows of the crime. This in itself makes the play effective and each character makes a decision but faces its own consequences. ?? ?? ?? ?? Parastoo Karimi English Literature Essay ...read more.

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