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Show how racism in society is revealed through the experiences of the characters in 'The White Bandage' and 'The Golden Cadillac'.

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Show how racism in society is revealed through the experiences of the characters in 'The White Bandage' and 'The Golden Cadillac' In 1865, slavery was finally abolished and black people were now independent. Now that black people were no longer forced to be slaves you would of thought that they would be free and happy. In fact, they were probably worse off. Slaves didn't exactly have an easy time. They lived a difficult and arduous life and weren't paid or rewarded for their hard labour. In some cases, though, slaves were treated fairly well and, even though still being slaves, there was some form of acceptance for them. Even though it may have been extremely rare. But once they were given their 'freedom', they had to go through humiliation, segregation and a life of violence and hatred towards them and their families. I am going to look at two stories, 'The White Bandage' and 'The Golden Cadillac' and see how they reflect the racism in society. 'The White Bandage' tells a story about a black teenage boy who wishes to become an athlete. At the beginning of the story it explains how he had 'won the mile...at the Missouri state meet for Negroes'. Seeing as it was 'one of the best high school times of the year' he wanted it to be publicized. He was hoping for it to be printed in the Scholastic Record Book. ...read more.


He was proud of the bandage. He was so proud that whenever it got dirty he would put white shoe polish on it. 'Everyone came to see me. I told them about the lady and Barnes Hospital. I think some people didn't believe my story' He told everyone what had happened but it was so unreal. It was like a dream. Later, when the Scholastic Record Book came out he looked for his name in it but to no avail. He went down to the Board of Education to find out what had happened and was told 'Records set in all-Negro track meets were never listed. You have to run with the white boys to get your name in the book' His dream to have his name and record publicized were ruined because of his race. There was even segregation in athletics. Only the white people were allowed the honour of having your name in the book. The teenager's experiences show how the white society still found themselves superior. Even after slavery was abolished and black people were given freedom they were still seen below whites. Black people weren't allowed to use the same facilities as white people and the facilities they did have were nowhere near an acceptable standard. They had second-rate hospitals and schools. They weren't seen as important enough to have those luxuries. 'The Golden Cadillac' is about a black family man who trades in his car for a new golden Cadillac. ...read more.


They reached the Mississippi state line and soon heard a police siren. 'Whose car is this, boy' The policeman was immediately implying that the car was stolen. This enraged Wilbert. What made it worse was how he was called boy. The white man was being impolite and degrading to Wilbert. Wilbert was told to get into the police car and was taken to the nearest station. Wilbert had to pay a ticket for speeding and was then let go. They then drove slowly out of town, below the speed limit. The stayed in Mississippi for one week and then went home. When they were home, Wilbert sold the car. People thought it was because they couldn't afford to keep it and taunted the family. But they knew it was because of other reasons. The experiences of Lois and her family represent racism in society quite strongly. They weren't allowed to use any public facility because everything was reserved for white people. Then Wilbert was arrested and charged for nothing. He had to pay a fine for speeding when he wasn't speeding at all. The policemen didn't believe that the car was his because they couldn't believe that a black person could afford to have such a great car. In both stories the characters experience segregation and rejection. They are not allowed to eat or drink in places white people will be. They are not allowed to use the same facilities. This shows extreme racism in society. By Megan Towner Word Count: 1,828 ...read more.

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