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Show how Romeo's behavior and attitude reveal different aspects of love.

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Show how Romeo's behavior and attitude reveal different aspects of love A tragic love story of two star cross lovers which reveal many aspects of love. The impetuous Romeo certainly demonstrates different responses as love develops. In the opening scenes, Romeo's mother, Lady Montague, asks Benvolio, Romeo's friend if he knows his where abouts. Dramatically the audience learns of Romeo's 'troubled mind'. From this you can see Romeo is love sick and depressed. (I i 11) 'Shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out and makes himself an artificial night.' His sadness, tears orgmenting and deep sighs. You can see this when Romeo enters the scene. Benvolio is asked by Lady Montague and Montague why Romeo is so depressed and the reason for his mood. Romeo is in love with a lady called Rosaline but is out of favor with her. Romeo has never been in love before and hasn't experienced the emotion in which he is feeling. Romeo is enjoying being in love, never before has he felt this way about anyone. ...read more.


It is written as a sonnet which makes the event much more important. This is a form of poetry which reflects the language, especially love poetry in Shakespeare's time. Juliet feels the same way for Romeo as he does for her, and they both realize they have fallen in love with the enemy. Romeo's love for Juliet means him risking his safety to be with his love. Romeo is prepared to risk everything, even his family name for Juliet's sake. The marriage must remain a secret and Friar Lawrence agrees to help the young lovers. Romeo must make practical arrangements with the nurse for the wedding night... After the success of the secret marriage, Romeo's attitude towards his enemies, the Capulet's changes. Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel and Romeo refuses. Mercutio especially and Romeo's other friends are angered and insulted with his refusal to fight. Tragedy occurs when Romeo tries to prevent Mercutio and Tybalt fighting. For a moment in time, Romeo's friendship for Mercutio overcomes his love for Juliet and his marriage, guilt and sorrow at his friend death vanishes his intensions to be loving towards his in laws, killers of his friend. ...read more.


That night, Romeo has a dream that 'his lady found him dead'. This is a sense of dramatic irony (5 1 6). Back with the nurse at Juliet's house, she has been proposed to by a rich young man, and is to marry him this coming Thursday. Juliet panics and doesn't know what to do. She tries to send a message to Romeo to tell him of 'her death', but it fails to get there. Juliet has everything planned, she is willing to give up everything, her life, well nearly, to be with Romeo and so she swallows the poison. Balfazar hears of Juliet's death and at once tells Romeo, but Balfazar does not know that Juliet will wake from her long sleep, to make a new start with Romeo. Romeo cannot live alone; his word also suggests his eternal quality of his love and defies even the stars to join his lady in death. Here once again, Romeo is willing to give up his life as he can not bare not to be with his love, Juliet. Love is consuming as Romeo found out. Catherine Weaver ...read more.

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