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Show how shakespeare creates tension prior to act 1 scene 5

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Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet was written in 1595 - 6 by the most well known writer William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is a heart breaking story based on conflict between the love and hatred of two families. Shakespeare wrote this play about tragedy mainly because the audience enjoyed watching this type of play. It was very popular to have a tragedy in a play at this period of time. In most of Shakespeare's plays there is a sad or bad ending and they are usually based on long poems. The main setting of this story is Italy, which at that time was known as a country of romance, love and glamour. People like Thomas Greene thought Romeo and Juliet were poor because they dealt with crude emotions and simple people, but Shakespeare wanted to appeal to his very diverse audience. In this essay I will show how Shakespeare conveys tension to the audience in act one scene five; I will be looking at the use of language, imagery and what affects these create on the audiences mind. There are several techniques exemplified in Act 1 Scene 5 that bring around numerous emotions among the audience. ...read more.


He is expressing that Juliet is like no other woman, she is so beautiful, and she stands out from all other women. Romeo begins to wonder has he fallen in love, "Did my heart love till now". Now suspense and drama is steadily bought into the scene, when Tybalt identifies Romeo of being a Montague. "This by his voice should be a Montague fetch me my rapier, boy". This type of language suggests to an audience that something will happen later in the play. This is the part of the play which brings the audience on edge and make them realise that Romeo should be aware of this situation. Tybalt's aggression and anger increases and he is determined to kill Romeo "to strike him dead I hold not a sin" Matters become worse when lord Capulet steps in, Tybalt informs lord Capulet that he has discovered a Montague (who is Romeo) in the party " uncle this is a Montague, our foe", Upon hearing this lord Capulet seems restful and calm, "let him alone"; upon saying this audience must begin to feel that Romeo is secure for now. Lord Capulet firmly states to Tybalt that he shall not cause any commotion or problems in any way. ...read more.


He also mentions that he would send Romeo a letter, informing him of this situation. Romeo is left un-informed. He returns and assumes that Juliet is 'dead', so Romeo commits suicide, after a while Juliet is horrified to find Romeo dead and now truly kills herself. The two families realise there severe mistakes and losses, and so unite once again. Romeo and Juliet was a mixture of experiences, both of joy and sorrow, there were a few exciting action filled moments, and a few heart-breaking moments. Shakespeare has written this story in a basic form, yet it is so interesting and enjoyable to read. The plot of the story is so simple, yet so affective. Shakespeare constantly engages the viewer through the tension he builds by placing his characters in eerie situations and formulating a negative conclusion throughout the play whilst suspending an element of hope especially towards the end when the time has come for Romeo and his Juliet to inevitably die. This suspense is a naturally enjoyable experience for most people, as it is a supreme form of entertainment. I personally believe that the play is an exceptional piece of work, leaving no space for improvement for it continuously withholds the audience's attention and thus, achieves its goal. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohamed Mohamed English Coursework Mr.Imran 10X2 ...read more.

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