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Show how Shakespeare presents the theme of love and hate in"Romeo and Juliet" and consider how you would stage either act 2 scene 2 or act 3 scene 2, to emphasize the importance of these themes

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Show how Shakespeare presents the theme of love and hate in "Romeo and Juliet" and consider how you would stage either act 2 scene 2 or act 3 scene 2, to emphasize the importance of these themes ( or importance of one of these themes) ? The play "Romeo and Juliet" which was written by Shakespeare is a famous love story, which is based "love and hate". I am going to look at the different types of love and hate which some characters show towards other characters. I will then dramatize one scene based on one of these themes. All the characters in this play love or someone or something. Romeo loves Juliet and Mercutio, but he loves them in different ways. He loves Juliet as his girlfriend and loves Mercutio as his friend. This quote shows us that Romeo loves Juliet, "I take thee at thy word, call me but 'love', and ill be new baptized. Henceforth I never will be Romeo". This quote tells me that Romeo is ready to change his whole identity for Juliet. ...read more.


At one pint she was begging her nurse to tell her what Romeo answered to her messages. It tells us in act 2 scene 5 she is begging the nurse "sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet nurse tell me what my love says" Juliet is asking the nurse what her love says the word in this quote which tells us she loves Romeo a lot is the word love. Juliet is willing to change her identity for Romeo because that would show how much she loves Romeo "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father, and refuse thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be born sworn on love, And I'll no longer be a Capulet. Juliet shows us that she will deny who her father is for her love, refuse to be called Juliet for her love and also if sworn on her love she will no longer be a Capulet. Tybalt and Romeo can not stand the site of each other they hate each other. Tybalt use's the quote "this by his voice should be a Montague. ...read more.


s the director I would make Romeo go closer to Juliet look her in the eye and kiss her on the forehead and I would make him say these lines with full emotions but a quiet voice showing a little fear incase he gets denied before saying all these lines I would make Romeo take a glance around him to make sure no one is there. When Juliet says "if they do thee, they will murder thee" Romeo is telling her something so she is saying if they do see they will murder what they see. When Juliet is saying this I'd make sure she is saying it in a serious way and raising her voice trying to explain to Romeo, because when someone raises there voice it shows that they have power in what their saying and they mean it, however if she said it in a quiet voice she wouldn't show any enthusiasm. I would also make sure that Juliet is walking away from Romeo and has her back towards him but then when she is speaking turns around and having expressions on her face which the audience can see because she's devastated. ?? ?? ?? ?? Vanisha Patel 10AD "Romeo and Juliet" ...read more.

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