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Show how the idea of the importance of individuality is shown by comparing "This Room" and "Love after Love" with one other poem from the Different Cultures Section.

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Show how the idea of the importance of individuality is shown by comparing "This Room" and "Love after Love" with one other poem from the Different Cultures Section. Comment on: - Ideas presented by the poems. - The Language Techniques used. "Love after Love" is a poem which represents the struggle faced by someone who does not give themselves any self-recognition and throughout symbolises the struggle and constraints the individual has to face. The poem is written in 2nd person, telling the reader what to do, and hence therefore reaching out and involving the reader far more in the poem. The poet uses the differences in tone and mood to help display how the person involved feels about itself. The language techniques used throughout by the poet re-enforce the message of solidarity in the poem. "You will greet yourself arriving" Through the individual the poet differentiates between the excitement and elation of coming to terms with learning to deal with you. ...read more.


The Poet uses metaphors to help present the message he is getting across to the reader; the title "This Room," the room is a metaphor for culture and the furniture he speaks of in the opening stanza is a metaphor for customs associated with his culture. The image of new life is presented to the reader to give them the opportunity to read the poem with a clear mind straight at the beginning of the poem. "This room is breaking out of itself, cracking through" As in the first poem, the poet uses the message of freedom of speech and freedom of living your life in the way you want to, and without the constraints of the expectations of your culture or of other people. The poet talks about a change of revolution and has very restrictive thoughts throughout the opening passage of "This Room." "The bed is lifting out of its nightmares." The present tense used by Imtiaz Dharker has the feeling of releasing boundaries immediately and also the enjambment used once again gives the poem a free flow and sense of continuity. ...read more.


"My aunts chose an apple-green sari, silver-bordered for my teens." The poets feelings are displayed in the way she describes the clothes she is given and this is symbolises her culture. Also, "Love after Love" is connected to "Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan" in the sense that they both have a theme of constraint. In "Love after Love" the constraints are apparent in the symbolism of "Giving wine. Giving bread" this is linked to the constraints that Derek Walcott speaks about and connected to the poem as a whole. In "Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan" the constraints and differences faced by Moniza Alvi are the moral differences she faces when she speaks of the differences in cultures and is symbolic of the other culture. "...to consider the cruelty and the transformation from camel to shade," she knows that this is accepted in Pakistan but now as she lives in England she has to deal with the conflict on both cultures and has to adapt to her life in England. All three poems share the theme that from the opening stanza to the end, they show a progression of thoughts. ...read more.

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