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Show how the relationship between Lorraine, John and Mr. Pignati changed throughout the novel "The Pigman" by Zindel.

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Show how the relationship between Lorraine, John and Mr. Pignati changed throughout the novel "The Pigman" by Zindel. Paul Zindel's book "The Pigman" is a novel about two children, Lorraine and John, and an old man called Mr. Pignati. The two children are young and are growing up in the United States of America, around the 19th century. The novel states this because it uses American expressions and the whole atmosphere of it has an American feel to it. The American images used are words such as "sophomore"(the first year at school or collage), "tin can"(a firework), "candy"(sweets). There were also other clues to which country the novel was based on, such as the money used and the types of food mentioned. John and Lorraine meet Mr. Pignati through playing a telephone game and John's immaturity. The telephone game is where you have to keep someone on the phone for as long as possible and whoever stays on the phone the longest time, wins. John played this game and had to phone Mr. ...read more.


He has a glazed look in his eyes, which suggests that he was longing for his wife and missed her dearly. No matter what he was doing, he couldn't seem to forget her: as if he was responsible for her death; he felt guilty and was blaming himself for it. The glazed look also seemed to tell you that there was either something wrong or he was just continually imagining his wife being with him. After John and Lorraine had met Mr. Pignati, they slowly became good friends. Mr. Pignati began to trust Lorraine and John. Mr. Pignati also had a friend at the zoo called Bobo. Bobo was a baboon. Until he had met the children, Mr. Pignati's only friend was Bobo and he would go and see him everyday. He talked to Bobo as if the animal were human. This is called anthropomorphism. This shows how lonely Mr. Pignati really was. He was desperate for more friends and more company. The children and Bobo filled in the gap in Mr. Pignati's life, where his wife had been. ...read more.


His attitude was disgusting towards his parents; for example, when he filled the telephone with superglue so that his father couldn't ring out. His mother and father told him off. John tried to cover up what he had done by trying to blame what happened on his auntie, who was dead. This made his mother upset and angry because she knew that he was lying and she knew that he was being rude and disrespectful to his auntie. The characteristics of Lorraine and John at the beginning of the novel were like that of a small child, trying to find something exiting to do. They seemed to be about 10 or 11 years of age. Later on in the novel, Zindel had written it as though they had suddenly grown up, especially after they had kissed. They seemed more mature and acted more grown up. They thought about their actions, instead of doing things without thinking then realizing what they had done wrong. They also started to care and think about the effect their actions and behavior had on other people. Zindel also described their change in appearance. John began to gel and comb his hair whereas before he didn't. Lorraine had a smarter way of dressing. ...read more.

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