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"Show how the tension rises and falls in the scene at the end of Act One of 'A View From The Bridge'? What does it tell us about the Carbone's family life? How has Eddie Carbone's situation changed by the end of the scene?"

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GCSE POST-1914 DRAMA COURSEWORK "Show how the tension rises and falls in the scene at the end of Act One of 'A View From The Bridge'? What does it tell us about the Carbone's family life? How has Eddie Carbone's situation changed by the end of the scene?" The play 'A View From The Bridge' was written by Arthur Miller set in the town of New York in the 1950's. It is concentrated around the Carbone's, a typical Italian -American family. Eddie Carbone is the key character of the play, a longshoreman who comes from an extremely conventional background in Sicily. He and his wife Beatrice have taken care of Catherine from the time when her parents had died. Beatrice's cousins from Sicily have come to America to work illegitimately and at the moment are staying with the Carbone's. The company of the cousins from Sicily in the Carbone household is causing much tension more than ever between Eddie and Rodolpho. ...read more.


Eddie tries to provoke Rodolpho by saying that America is just as strict as Italy. But what he really means is that Rodolpho shouldn't take out Catherine to whom he is a fatherly figure; in doing so he is undermining Rodolpho and trying to represent him as being disrespectful. As it happens to be so, that in Italy, tradition has it that to take a girl out you must have permission from the girl's father. Eddie implies this to Rodolpho and that he must have permission for Catherine's hand. All along Catherine felt that she was in debt to Eddie for feeding her, bringing her up and making sacrifices just for her to do well in life and not to suffer the hardships that he faced. But Catherine begins to see a different side of Eddie brought out by his jealousy, a side that she hasn't seen nor likes. Catherine shows her assertiveness by asking Rodolpho to dance to the record 'Paper Dolls'. ...read more.


Eddie convinces Rodolpho to teach him how to box. They start slowly but Eddies boxes Rodolpho too hard and he falls to the floor. Rodolpho is not weakly hurt nevertheless all the other characters in the play start to realise Eddies hatred and jealousy of Rodolpho and how far Eddie will go to exhibit this wrath and fury. Marco goes over to Eddie and in a seemingly pleasant manner asks him if he can raise a chair above his head. The two of them elevate chairs and Marco holds his chair directly over Eddies head. As well as showing superior strength he does this to intimidate Eddie and end him from trying to torment his younger brother Rodolpho. In my opinion I think that Arthur Miller is using 'A View from the Bridge' to illustrate that tragedy is eternal and that it will roam the earth for centuries to come. Miller is also portraying that there cannot be drama without tension or quarrel. An example of a tragedy is 'Macbeth' as Macbeth is influenced by outsiders so similarly in 'A View From The Bridge' Eddie is influenced by his repressed love and thus ultimately his death. MOHAMMED RAHMAN ...read more.

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