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Show how the writers build up mystery and suspense by looking at four short stories that have been written by " Guy de Maupasant, Edgar Allan Poe and Charles dickens".

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Year 10 GCSE course work Mystery and suspense In his essay I am going to show how the writers build up mystery and suspense by looking at four short stories that have been written by " Guy de Maupasant, Edgar Allan Poe and Charles dickens". In the fist short story I read " a vendetta" what happens is an old lady lives with her so in a little town and one night the son gets killed by a man called Nicolas ravioli then the mum who is a widow and only has the sons dog as a friend. She keeps shut up with the body and then she swears vengeance on to the body. But for months she cant think of anything but then one night she thinks of it she trains the dog to be a killer and makes it bite the neck of the victim then she takes the dog to were the killer lives and the dog kills him on her command. ...read more.


In the third essay "the tell tale heart" there is a man that tells a story about a man who has a problem his boss has and evil eye and this eye really bugs him so he spy's on him every night and then one night he goes in and kills the old man with the evil eye then he cuts up the man and he berries him under the floor boards then some police inspectors come around and he sits right above the body and then as time goes on he hears the heart of the old man but it is his own then he goes mad and he admits to killing him. In the fourth story " a confession found in a prison" is a story about a man that has a wife his wife's sister is married to his brother and his wife's sister has and evil look but one day she has a son and she dyes on holiday then his brother ...read more.


The best bit of suspense in the second story is when they find out that she has gone and lost the necklace. The best bit of suspense in the third story is when he keeps going in at night and looking at the old man when he sleeps. The best bit of suspense in the fourth story is when he finds out that the little child has got the stare that his mum has. I think the best bit of suspense in all of the stories is in last story is that when he berries the body and the gardeners come and put grass on top of the body and he thinks that they will find the body. In the end I think all of the stories have lots of suspense in them but vendetta was my favorite because it has suspense murder in it and they are the types of stories that I like. I think they are all very good and they all show mystery and suspense. ...read more.

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