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Show that Mr Utterson is a main and important part of the story ''Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde''.

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde We see much of the story through Mr Utterson's eyes. He leads the reader through the tale. But to begin with, he seems a surprising character for Stevenson to choose. Only when we know the book better do we realise how appropriate he is. The book ''The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'' is a horror story written by Robert Louis Stevenson and was publishes in 1886. The title which the author gave this book makes the book sound more like a mystery story than a horror. The title also makes it sound as if Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are two separate people. The character ''Mr Utterson'' plays a big part in the story. He leads the reader through the story although he is not the narrator. In the opening words of the story it says that Mr Utterson is a lawyer. In the opening paragraph Mr Utterson is described as ''a man of rugged countenance, that was never lightened by a smile; cold, scanty and embarrassed in discourse; backwards in sentiment; lean, long dusty, dreary, and yet somehow loveable. ...read more.


Mr Utterson couldn't understand this so he didn't write out Dr Jekyll's will properly for him because he wanted him to realise he had made and big mistake and change it. Mr Utterson is obviously a comfort to his friends because on page 27 of the book Jekyll says to him ''I would trust you before any man alive'' At the beginning of the story you wonder to yourself, why Robert Louis Stevenson has chosen Mr Utterson to lead the reader through the story. Later on you find out that Mr Utterson is the perfect person to take you through the story because Robert Louis Stevenson needed someone who survived and also Mr Utterson is good friends with Dr Jekyll. A big question I asked myself at the beginning of the book was, what is the relationship between Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield and ''what do they see in each other''? At the start of the book Mr Utterson seems like a quiet person but as the story goes on he gets more involved in the book and starts acting like a sort of detective. ...read more.


This just shows what society was like back then. The book ''Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'' was one of the first ever real horror books to be published. When Robert Louis Stevenson was young his mother was often ill and his nanny used to tell him horror stories at a young age. This turned Stevenson bad and got him drinking and getting prostitutes. This is partly were his book came from. The book obviously had an affect on the people because after the book was published the Ripper murder's started to appear. People said that ''The book was coming to life''. I feel I have shown that Mr Utterson is a main and important part of the story ''Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'' and that he is man of trust. I also think I have shown what society was like in Victorian times. I think that without Mr Utterson in the book it would not have worked as well as it did. Jamie Hannath - Draft English Coursework The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 11JWT ...read more.

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