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Shreck. Why would I or any other teenager want to watch Shrek 2?

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In a far far away land do Teenagers love shrek!! Why would I or any other teenager want to watch Shrek 2? I'm a young, funky teenager girl and there is no way I'd be seen paying good money to go and watch a kids' film. Why? Well, for a start it is a U certificate and everyone knows that the only people who watch U certificates are kids and their mithered parents. Just one look at the promotional posters sends me back to my childhood books with bright green and blue designs to catch a child's eye. The whole poster for the film has a panto feel towards it and everyone knows they are so sad. ...read more.


Why are we always judged by the way we look? I'm blond therefore I'm stupid , I'm fat therefore I'm lazy, I wear glasses therefore I'm the teachers per. This film looks at the issues faced by teenager's everyday and it shows that it is wrong to judge people by the way they look. Both the king and shrek judge each other in the way and both behave like fools when they are doing this. The dinner table scene just shows how foolish these prejudices are. We live in a world filled with different cultures and tastes. The clash between royalty and an orga is similar to the clashes in our real society. ...read more.


The loving father loves his daughter and his wife and would never do anything to harm them but the Fairy Godmother has other plans. Get her son in there and chuck shrek out. What a sneaky, mean and sly woman! Shrek loves her that much he lets her go which we all know if you loved someone as much as Shrek loves Fiona we wouldn't let them go would we? Starbucks, fast food restaurants, Hollywood hills sign; don't you think this is abit of a twist? Ogres, fairytales, going on honeymoons, what is going on? Soon there will be a BandQ and a Mc Donnald's. Shrek 2 uses all sorts of animations from different places and people. ...read more.

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