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Shrek Film Review

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Release Date: 5/18/2001 Running Length: 1:27 (87mins) MPAA Classification: (Mild violence) Directors: Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson Film Distributor: Dreamworks "Hilarious, irreverent digitally-animated fable from the makers of Antz. A Scottish ogre, a talking donkey, a midget tyrant, a princess with a secret and a whole raft of fairy-tale characters poke fun at uptightness and dole out liberalism." Shrek!! The highly indulgent topic of cinematic conversation ever since its release during late 2001. Well, impressed by its popularity I decided to take a look!! In due course, I was not disappointed!! Based in modest moderation on William Steig's book about a giant green ogre, this irreverent and absorbing computer-animated fairy tale is aimed as much at children as their parents. From the start, tradition is acknowledged as well as mocked. The execution of both is masterly. ...read more.


The diminutive and dastardly Farquaad, voiced malignantly and masterly by John Lithgow, who has banished all the fairy tale characters from his kingdom of Duloc, including the Three Blind Mice, Pinocchio and Donkey. Whereupon they seek refuge at the home of the reclusive and sceptical Shrek, this despite the prominent 'Beware of the Ogre' sign. Anxious to be rid of the intruders, Shrek pleads to Farquaad for their removal. The Lord agrees to his request, but this is a fairy tale and so naturally there's one condition. And again, because it's a fairy tale, you have to have a princess in there somewhere. But this is no ordinary fairy tale and so when Farquaad has to find a wife to make his kingdom perfect; he picks Princess Fiona (the voice of Cameron Diaz) over two other contestants in a dating game and then gets Shrek to bring her back. ...read more.


The styles of a princess and an ogre, at this point are equally amusing. Another example of a fairy tale with a slant. An encounter with Robin Hood and his merry men also gives an original slant when they break into a Riverdance routine. Comedy, it seems can only be restrained by rules. This production is clearly as amusing for the animators as the results are for the audience. Shrek's frivolity extends to its soundtrack which is a refreshing change from the generic tunes that burden most animated films. Its collection of pop songs includes tracks by Smash Mouth, The Proclaimers, Maroon 5 and climaxes with Donkey leading a chorus of characters in a rendition of I'm A Believer. As with all good fairy tales Shrek is built solidly around a moral, the message being to focus not on appearances but inner beauty, but that is secondary to the film's main concern which is to make you laugh, and you do. Loudly and often, believe me! (5 out of 5) 'Excellent and a must watch!!' ...read more.

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