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Signalman By Charles Dickens

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Signalman By Charles Dickens Genre The signalman is a mystery/ghost story, which is very hard to get the hang of. As the story is set in a dark place on the side of a railway track it keeps the story in suspense and tension the story is based on a person who gets visions that the signal light keeps going on and weird things keep happening. The language is set for thirteen's and higher. There are many complicated words in the story that keep it very suspense and makes you want to read it more when you have got well into it. The story in my eyes is not very good. ...read more.


But if he tells someone he thinks he will get the sack. He keeps seeing strange ghost figures at the end of the tunnel. And as he gets closer the figures fade away. This frightens him and is very worried. Language The language is complicated and is not is not used in everyday conversations. There are difficult words such as compulsion, prolongation and architecture. These words were found in just three sentences and the story is over twelve pages long. His Appearance The narrator shouted to the signalman, "Hello down there," The signalman acted like he thought he heard it from down the line so he looked down the line to see who it was. ...read more.


'A cold wind that stuck a chill to me' the story acts like a ghost was around him because he got a chill down his spine. This quote could mean that there could be a ghost around because when a ghost is near you, you always get a cold shiver down your spine. The weather was a thick mist and you could only just see down the tracks. 'There was a barbarous, depressing and forbidding air.' This quote creates suspense and tells you that something super natural is going to happen. The tunnel was so dark that you couldn't even see you hand in front of your face no matter how close it was. The story was based on the train tracks with a bit tunnel that lots of trains pass through every day. ...read more.

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