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Significance of the beast in 'The Lord of the Flies'.

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Significance of the beast The beast represents emotions, fear and insanity for several different characters in the story Lord Of The Fies. To all the boys the beast relates to a different thing and means something different. The talk of danger on the island is first brought up on the first day when a small boy claims he saw a 'beastie.' the previous night the older boys don't listen to what the boy has to say and continue their daily discussions. As a group there are mixed feelings about the beast the older boys used the word 'fear' to describe the beast I feel they did this so they didn't sound immature, by believing in monsters however the younger boys showed there fear openly by crying. As more and more of the littleuns cry out in their sleep even the biguns begin to wonder whether there is in fact a beast. The beast to jack is something to hunt down kill and make him self look brave he goes on a hunt in search of the beast this does not help the littleuns has he is completely contradicting Ralph who is trying not to frighten them and it will make the littluns feel more vulnerable ifthey feel that their leader is unreliable. ...read more.


Piggy's glasses flew of and tinkled on the rocks piggy cried out in terror.' This shows he is becoming a more sinister character if what he did then to Piggy wasn't bad enough when piggy scrambled around trying to find his glasses jack went to hit him again. He then 'mimicked the whine and scramble.' This is not normal behaviour it is cruel going on the verge of evil. At a later assembly Jack refused to obey rules and split the group in half many of the older boys joined Jack, while the others stayed with Ralph. A dead fighter pilot was seen by some of the boys which they convinced themselves was the beast. . Now they have seen a physical thing they can convince them selves there is evil on the island. All of the evil they have they can blame on this physical face which appears in their nightmares. Simon is a kind gentle character often related to nature for the fact that he is kind to small creatures and helps out the littleuns; for example he reached down for them the nicer fruit. ...read more.


It is ironic as Simon sees himself as the beast as in the next chapter Simon goes to find the others who are over excited dancing and chanting hysterically about killing the beast when Simon walks in jack shouts out 'look the beast,' the boys are just entering insanity and in there hysterical madness they beat Simon to death with their spears. I personally believe that the beast represents the way in which people will try to convince himself that there is no evil inside of them by making someone or something else seem to be the cause for the evil. You can see this developing as the beast gets discussed more and more the boys become more evil. At the end when the island reaches its peak of hysterical insane riotess evil there is suddenly an anti climax where Ralph is rescued it is a huge relief I believe William Golding did this because he didn't want evil to win over good, the adult figure on the island represented law and order and made us violent beasts which are trying to murder Ralph at the end of the day are only children, but this had just been forgotten amongst all the chaos Emily Willis 11PRi ...read more.

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