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Silas Marner

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Introduction Silas Marner was a religious person, trusting to the eyes of community, he was highly thought of in the church called Lantern Yard, he was an example of life to the others. Among the member of his church, Silas was a friend with this individual, slightly older than him, his friend in Lantern Yard called him David and Jonathon, but his real name was William Dane. William always helped the weaker people. He was flawless. Silas was in a serious relationship with Sarah, she was servant and she was saving enough money for her marriage for her and Silas. All of this was changed after the changes through his life. Silas loved his money it was as if he worships his money, counting his money, and looking at them on his table was his greatest hobby. Silas has a growing greed for his gold. Changes One day when Silas was at the Lantern Yard church alone, he was upstairs, he came down the stairs and saw a human body, he went closer to see was to see was he alive or not, unfortunately he was dead and for the looks of it he has been dead for a long time. ...read more.


Silas head back to Raveloe, when he got there he had no other choice but involving the police. The police told him that they would inform him if the money was found, and Silas never hear from the police again. Couple of week after the tragic incident of loss of money for Silas, a little child was at the front of Silas's house, Silas brought the child inside the house, he was more confused then he has ever been, and he asked him self, my money has gone I don't know where, this child has came to me, I don't know where. He kept her for couple of week and decided to call her, Eppie. After a while of keeping her, he became more attached to her, and finally he decides to adopt the child. After while of living with her, Eppie opened Silas Marner's eye to the community, so he didn't fell the same way about people, and he wasn't attached to his money anymore. After 15 years past, Silas and Eppie were like, father and daughter. The relationship between them became stronger as time pass by, and made Silas to completely forget about his money, and was willing to give all up for her, and made him think about what's really important in his life. ...read more.


The wedding group has already passed through the Red house they were going to the humbler part of the village. Mr. Macy couldn't come to the wedding, because he was too old, he was sitting at the front of his house and expecting a special attention for the people, no one was planning to say anything to him but Dolly said he would be hurt if we don't say anything to him and just pass by, so they turned around and shacked his hand, than Mr. Macy complimented Silas's life and how well its going, and said that I was the first person to say that you are going to get your money back, and wished him good luck on his life. One hour was left to the appointed feast-time, so that left gave the people to talk to Silas Marner about his past, and blessing him self to be the father of this motherless child. After a while Mr. Snell said if a person deserves a good life may we all wish him luck. Eppie had a large garden bigger than she ever imagine, this was all on the expenses of Mr. Cass the landlord, so it would be large enough so it would be suitable for all the Silas Marner's family. Done By: Ali Rezaei Date: 23.03.2001 ...read more.

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