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Silas marner

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Discuss the relationship between Silas and Eppie in the novel as well as two other parent/ child relationships. INTRODUCTION Throughout the story of Silas Marner, Elliot explores the nature of the relationship between children and their parents through many of the main characters e.g. Silas finds Eppie and bonds form between them and they start to like and care for each other. Bonds also form between Dolly Winthrop and her son Aaron. But this bond relationship is not always the case, as hatred could also occur as shown in the novel between the Squire Cass and Dunstan Cass, and Squire Cass takes his son Dunstan as a disgrace. One of the Victorian values that would have influenced George Elliot was the sense of duty that she prevents through the theme of parenting. George Elliot informs through an omnescient narration that if you reject the duty of parenting, you will be punished, but if you fulfill the duty of parenting you will be rewarded for example Silas has been rewarded for doing the duty of parenting. Silas is rewarded twice for his good deed, firstly he has been rewarded by his gold returning back to him and secondly he has been rewarded by Eppie coming to him who has restored his faith in humanity, Where as Godfrey is punished for rejecting the duty of parenting. ...read more.


This was uttered by Silas with a strong sudden impulse, which even struck Silas. These were his reasons for wanting to keep her. Godfrey went with Silas to see if his wife was dead and Mrs. Dolly Winthrop saw him and said to him that you are a kind hearted person whereas he really went to reassure himself that she is dead which means in actual fact she is stone hearted. Godfrey saw his wife and was reassured that she is dead and he later on says to Silas that he should give the child to the church but Silas says no and Silas says he is going to look after her and keep her, So Godfrey gives him some money for her care and he rejected his own flesh and blood. Silas hoarded gold for fifteen years and never let anybody touch it an he used to show all his possessiveness over it, he also used to love his money as he used to count it every night. One night whilst he was weaving he ran out of thread, he went to get some thread and came back home to find his money had been stolen. After his money had been stolen, he never had anything to show his possessiveness over, but when he found Eppie, he started showing the same possessiveness over her as he had showed to his gold. ...read more.


in the house, but there were not always good relations in The Red House, because if you take the Squire and his youngest son Dunstan for example, they never had a good bond because Dunstan used to come home drunk and the Squire took him as a disgrace, but the main reason why Dunstan was spoiled because there was no motherly figure in their house. Dolly and Aaron have a good bond because they like each other and Dolly is proud of Aaron. Squire Cass and Godfrey's relationship, Dolly and Aaron's relationship are all similar to Silas and Eppie's relationship, because they are proud of each other. But The Squire and Dunstan's relationship is different to Silas and Eppie's relationship because the Squire hates his son, Whereas Silas likes his adopted daughter. I conclude that children do bring hopes and forward looking thoughts to the characters in the novel, for example, Silas used to be a miser, he lost faith in humanity and used to live in solitude. But when he found Eppie he transformed. Nancy was infertile which meant that Godfrey could not have children. They both were sad and oftenly used to wonder about who is going to take over the Red House after them and who is going to look after them once they get older. So therefore I conclude that children do bring hope and for ward looking thoughts to characters in the novel. BY: EHSAAN ALI ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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