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Silas Marner.

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Michael Robertson George Mitchell 13410 Silas Marner Silas Marner, by George Elliot, is a story about a weaver who is betrayed by a friend and his fianc�e and is forced to move to another town, where he is an outcast alone in the world and overcome by the power of money but is rescued by the love of a child. In a way George Elliot is writing from personal experience. She lived with a married man whom was separated from his wife, and accounts from people who met her say that she was extremely ugly. She used a different name when writing Silas Marner and other books and it would probably not sell as well if it was known that a woman had written the book. The story's themes mainly revolve around money, love, and redemption. In the story Silas is framed for killing of the senior deacon and stealing the money that lay by his bed side. Later on in the story he becomes a miser living as minimallistically as possible in order for his money to grow faster and is nearly broken when his money is stolen by Dunstan Cass whose body is later found with the stolen gold. ...read more.


Which helps build the reader up to the climax; "stooping to push his logs together."-The two halves about to be reunited-"when, to his blurred vision, it seemed as if there were gold on the floor", "Gold!-his own gold-". The word "gold" is repeated three times, which reinforces the idea that his gold has been returned. Then just when he is about to touch the gold "his fingers encountered soft warm curls" which is about as far away from the texture of a gold coin as you can get, thus destroying the idea of his gold returning. It then goes on to say that Silas thinks that it could be his "little sister whom he had carried about in his arms for a year before she died", and in effect it is. His little sister when she was alive gave Silas something more to live for then, and the same thing is happening now, Eppie has given Silas something to care about, and Silas is rewarded with something money can't give him; love. ...read more.


There were a lot of people making a lot of money by setting up various industries. These people would probably start to become quite obsessed with money, and some of them might turn into misers. This book is partly about money and how it can ruin a life, and about what the important things in life should be e.g. love. So in effect this book could be looked at as a reminder and/or a warning to the very rich and successful people and about there priorities in life. I think that the ideas in the book are almost as important then as they are now, because people then were new to the idea of machines doing their work for them and the idea of working class people making large amounts of money. So it was important then not to get to carried away if you were making lots of money, where as nowadays people are still making lots of money regardless of class which we do not find strange and we are used to the idea of machines doing our work for us; but it still important that we remember that money isn't every thing, and that being happy is what really matters. ...read more.

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