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Silas Marner - What makes him change his mind through the course of the play? What are the events that lead to his regeneration?

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Silas Marner Essay At the beginning of the novel Silas says, 'there o no just God that governs earth righteously, but a God of lies that bears witness against the innocent.' At the conclusion of the novel he says, 'there's good;this world - Ive a feeling o' that now.' What makes him change his mind? What are the events that lead to his regeneration? Silas Marner, the skilled hand loom linen-weaver, of 'exemplary life and ardent faith.' His simple religious faith was lived out through his hardworking and self-denying life. Both were admired by the narrow-minded sect to which he belonged and generously contributed most of his earnings. 'I am sore stricken; I can say nothing. God will clear me.' 'The lots declared that Silas Marner was guilty' Silas na�ve faith is so strong and sincere that his betrayal, by his friend William Dane and by God failing to clear him, results in his total loss in faith in people and God. ...read more.


Dunstan sets off and disappears into the stormy night. This style of language used is very clever by George Elliot, in that he uses traditional images of light and dark to symbolise evil. The night Silas is robbed the weather is awful, which creates our emotions to feel a lot more significant. This is an example of 'Pathetic Fallacy'. 'This strangely novel situation of opening his trouble to his Raveloe neighbours, of sitting in the warmth of a hearth not his own, and feeling the presence of faces and voices which were his nearest promise of help, had doubtless its influence on Marner, in spite of his passionate preoccupation with his loss' The theft of his gold makes him so desperate that he turns to the villagers for their help. This is the turning point for his regeneration. Silas has only wanted his gold, now he discovers the warmth of the village community as they listen to his story. In turn, because Silas is half-crazed by his genuine distress, their attitude changes and they act with caring concerns. ...read more.


He works 'like the spider' without 'love and fellowship'. Like all weavers his figure 'shrank' through the weaving and weight of his 'heavy bag'. As a result of Eppie's arrival, he is able to carry a much heavier load, Eppie and 'his yarn or linen at the same time' and he goes 'strolling out' with all the time in the world to enjoy nature and the countryside. During this time Silas goes back to revisit Lantern Yard with Eppie in an effort to set the record straight. The chapel has disappeared along with its parishioners to be replaced by a large factory. Silas has finally moved on along with time. All in all Elliot has used dramatic irony to enable the readers to know what is coming up next before the characters. This is used to introduce the child of Godfrey of whom Nancy does not know, of course this child being Eppie. Also its worth noting how Eppie was a part of Silas life on New Years Eve which is the meaning of a new start. Chris Warnes 11B 08/05/07 ...read more.

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