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Silence blanketed the land like a black cape.

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Creative writing: Silence blanketed the land like a black cape. Darkness was setting in and disguising the desolation of the city. The far off clouds glowed in the setting sun, red and angry. The low mountains were silhouetted on the horizon and the restless sea folded out onto the shore line half a mile ahead, in a bay more than 20 miles wide, cluttered with the wrecks of ships. The smell of smouldering ashes and burnt flesh was in the air, lingering like a slut on a street corner. Shadows enveloped the broken buildings, sharpening their pointed remnants in bleak greys and blacks, and the quietened flickers of once raging flames blinked in specks across the city. Even the wind was still. Nature itself seemed to fear this place. A 3-storey house had toppled to its side and collapsed into the opening of a subway. Under the rubber of the house the ticking glow of watch hands stood still, broken on a girl's arm. Her whimpering cries were only heard by the dead. ...read more.


right now.......' The radio crackled out and stopped as its last energy burned away. Silence now embraced the room, like a cold chill, seeping through the windowless walls. The ceiling was cracked and fragments had fallen from it littering the floor and leaving a layer of dust on the table and the now dead radio. It's last listener cried in his hopelessness. The irrelevance of its last message churned inside him. He knew he could do nothing, he couldn't see. The sun was rising in the east, in front of the harbour, the light awakening the faces of the dead. It had been easier to walk in the darkness for the lone girl. She was almost to the edge of the city. The charred faces still stared at her, yet there were less here than in the centre of the city, they still disturbed her, like a mad voice pulling her to join them. She was almost crying while she was walking. Ahead of her lay flattened crops, now unusable with lone huts scattered throughout the plain, the whole place was throbbing with radiation. ...read more.


He froze in his fear, like a shot of liquid nitrogen was stabbed to his heart. After a moment that felt like an hour, he remembered to breathe. He stepped back, shivering.... The silence made him nervous, his blind mind playing tricks on him, without sound there was nothing for him. He felt thrown into a void, with no entrance or exit, just darkness. Raw terror quaked his bones, he couldn't move, this unfamiliar blackness eating away at him. Deathly silence encased him like a shell, closing in on him. He felt hopeless, doubting even the afterlife's sanctity. He didn't know whether he was alive or dead. The stagnant wind finally decided to move, through the hut door and brushed the blind man's senses. His shell was lifted and replaced with curiosity. He tapped, still cautiously towards the wall, and followed it out the door. His first blind steps were timid he followed the incline upwards towards the nearby tree. He paced timidly and reached an unfamiliar shape, he thought it was a root of the tree and wondered if his remembered image was accurate, he knelt down and felt, his hands travelling over the cold body. Paul Jefferyes 11E ...read more.

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