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Silence in the night

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Silence in the night The bullet wound had left her paralyzed, her body was stiff cold. She could hear her own hard difficult breathing, her vision was blurred and although she could see the people rushing to her she could make out what they were shouting. Was this really it, the end of a whole life's struggle to be where she was? Sweat poured down her forehead, she could barely move her hands. They trembled, trying to hold on to the nearest thing possible. The fear was reflected in her eyes and onto everyone else's faces, she was dying and everyone knew it. Suddenly nothing seemed important, the book review due tomorrow, the car being left at the mechanics all week, the suit waiting at the drycleaners waiting to be picked up, the divorce papers coming through... All that she remembered was shouting at the waitress for spilling coffee over her new silk blouse, the look on the waitresses face. How the waitresses eyes were watery trying to hold in the tears so that she wouldn't show a sign of weakness, the fuss she made over who would pay the drycleaners bill. ...read more.


The way she walked up the stairs, quiet hardly breathing trying to make out the noises. Picking up along the way woman's lingerie that was vigorously thrown on the floor, she was suppose to be away for the fortnight but her meeting had been moved up and she arrived home earlier than expected. Tears starting falling down her pale cheeks as she went back in time to that moment when she opened the door and found that green eyes woman on top of her husband, both of them giggling like a couple of teenagers. The same way that they used to when they were still and item, when we would surprise her with a bouquet of red roses and they would take long walks along the beach and talk for hours. All that had disappeared along with the love, their relationship had become like furniture and that made him go off and find himself someone else. She suddenly felt a warm hand stroke her face, she glanced up and saw the paramedic that was talking to her. She couldn't really make out what he was saying, she just lay there waiting. ...read more.


'That's quite a fright you gave us there', the doctor said while scribbling something on a chart board she held in her hands. 'The bullet wound caused severe damage to your ribs, so you'll have to take it easy for some time'. She looked at her side and saw that the bullet wound had almost disappeared, she didn't understand it. 'How long have I been here?' she asked tying to sit up on the bed and then lying back down because of the pain. 'Two weeks dear, you fell into a deep coma after the operation and we thought we had lost you but here you are. It almost seems a miracle, someone must love you. You rest now, you'll be out of here in a few days' she said as she was called by one of the nurses, and walked off looking back and smiling. She took a big breath and sighed, it was a miracle. A second chance to put right all that had gone wrong, she didn't know where to begin. Then, suddenly it came to her. Her eyes lit up as she said 'I think I'll go visit my mother... ' The end ...read more.

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