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Silence...She was petrified, scared as well as alone. The thingor whatever it was gaining on her.

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Silence.... "Aghhahahhhah!" screaming, Jade sprinted towards the exit door, she tried to push it open; but it wouldn't obey her. Jade started to run around the library. She was petrified, scared as well as alone. The thing-or whatever it was gaining on her. She managed to halt, and then turn the corner. She stopped. Nothing- nothing was there; no door; no windows; just a blank black wide wall. She was stuck! Twisting her head, in front of her, stood the nightmare that she was running from. It raced to her angrily; cravingly, she screamed. Aghhahhahh! 2 months later: Urban legends... very realistic, very scary. I get the chills just reading them. My heart thumps so fast as if it'll burst into a thousand pieces. I start to shiver, as if the pictures would come to life and grab me by the throat! But I never really believed that they are real or that they occurred in reality. ...read more.


I attempted to push open the door with all my force, still it wouldn't undo. Leaving this problem, I decided to look for the librarian to see if she knew the solution. What's that? I heard a low pitch hissing noise in the air behind me. I ignored it at first, thinking that I imagined it and made my way down the aisle but stopped, another noise - noise of falling books, maybe it's the librarian checking the shelves. Creeping through the tall, dark, shadowy book shelves; I shifted my pupils from side to side to catch any glimpse of the librarian. Nothing - I couldn't see any sign of her. I stopped. Tap; tap; tap, footsteps behind me, I shakily twisted around. " Who's there?" I stammered. Nothingness answered me, tap; tap; tap, footsteps again to my right. "Mrs Johnson, is that you?" I called the librarian's name without receiving any response. ...read more.


But it's just a folk-tale, untrue. I wanted to think positive. Finally I reached my destination; surprisingly the noise was coming from the 'urban legends' section. The taping stopped when I was at least 4 feet away, a new noise took its place - it was like someone trying to silent someone else - sshhsshhshss... Is this a sick joke? Is someone trying to scare me? Who is making the noises? All these questions sprinting around my head, trying to find the answers. I began to whimper. I ceased the moaning, made my way forward, now 3 feet away, now 2 feet away and now a meter away. I turned the corner and shrieked. "Agghhhhahha!" I dashed away; it came after me. My heart was stuck in my throat. It was about to explode. It was right behind me. I ran for my life! I managed to turn into a corner and stood their paralysed; there was no way out. Both sides blocked, no doors or windows to climb out of. The evil came for me and I shrieked my last words. "Aghhahahahhh!" ?? ?? ?? ?? Haroon Hussain09/05/2007 ...read more.

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