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Silent Night - The boy lay bleeding on the sidewalk in the rain. He was seventeen years, old and wore a pale blue Sunderland football shirt.

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Silent Night The boy lay bleeding on the sidewalk in the rain. He was seventeen years, old and wore a pale blue Sunderland football shirt. Printed across the back was the name `Handley', number 9. He had been stabbed ten minutes ago. The knife had entered on the left side of his chest, tearing a wide gap in his flesh. The rain was driving and any blood that ran from his wound seemed to be absorbed by the pavement. He had felt the excruciating pain as the knife plunged into his chest then the sudden relief as the jagged blade was pulled from his body. He had heard the words "That's for you scum" and caught the sight of a black and white Newcastle shirt bounding down the alleyway. Dale was an avid Sunderland supporter. He had made the short journey down from Sunderland to watch the notorious Tyne and Wear derby. There was a fierce rivalry between the two teams and there was a high police presence at the game. Christmas was approaching and as he lay he thought of his loved ones. He wondered if his mum would ever forgive him for the times he had been selfish or his Dad for ignoring him. He remembered the great times he had enjoyed with his two younger brothers. As he lay bleeding on the sidewalk in the rain his thoughts were not for himself but for the people around him. ...read more.


If he wanted help he would have said so by now." He rose to his feet "But". "But nothing", she said pecking him on the cheek. "You know we need to be getting home now, don't you" giving him a provocative look. She linked arms and pulled him down the alleyway. The man looked back and mouthed, "I'm sorry". As they faded into the distance along with the blood drained away any hope seemed to have disappeared. He felt deflated and decided he was going to die. Alone, the boy lay bleeding on the sidewalk in the rain. Dale was an `intelligent lad' as his Dad would say. He had suffered throughout school through bullying and was labelled a misfit. However he had come through that and was now doing well at college. He had a girlfriend who he had been with for just over a year and two great younger brothers. He was looking forward in life for the career he had worked so hard for and the relationship he had tried so hard for. Yet it seemed such a shame to die so young but the life drained out of him and trickled down the pavement. Just as he resigned himself to dying a glimmer of hope emerged as a tramp came to the end of the alleyway. He pounded towards Dale on the pavement with his heavy boots carrying his sleeping bag and belongings on his back. ...read more.


Don't worry you'll be fine I've found you now." As the man sprinted up the alley Dale wondered. He thought to himself you're not the first to find me. The man ran desperately around the streets trying to find some help. When he came across a young girl. She stopped him and asked "Excuse me, have you seen a young boy, I've lost my boyfriend." "Yes" he said "He's been stabbed down an alleyway. Quick, follow me." The man led her to Dale who was left in a heap leaning against a fence. Whilst they were running back the man asked did she have a mobile phone so that he could ring an ambulance. She responded by pulling one out from the inside of her jacket and handing it to him. She came to the top of the alleyway. She cried "Dale" and came running down the alleyway. She burst into tears grabbed his hand and squeezed as hard as she could and said "I love you Dale" and gave him a kiss. With that Dale gave her a wink as she cuddled up to him before he peacefully drifted away. After spending the last few precious minutes with him Dale's girlfriend sat sobbing in the alley; she knew it was to late. As the police approached she heard them say, "Bloody football hooligans, when will they ever learn?" She watched them approach and the rain still pouring down; washing Dale's blood and any trace of his very existence into the sidewalk. "That hooligans name was Dale," she said. ...read more.

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