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Silver Blaze was written by Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Jen Pascoe 14th February Silver Blaze Silver Blaze was written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The story is about a horse, called Silver Blaze, who is due to take part in the Wessex cup. A few days before the race, both the horse and its trainer, John Straker goes missing. Straker is later found dead, he appears to have been murdered. Holmes and his sidekick, Watson, are called into solve the mystery of who killed John Straker? Holmes then goes on to analyse and piece together all the clues, eventually revealing that the horse accidentally killed Straker whilst Straker was trying to cut his tendons so the horse could not take part in the race. He also discovers that Silas brown then found the horse and painted its characteristic white patches so that the horse could not be recognised. There are many typical ingredients in a detective story. These include a crime, a victim, a villain, a motive, a detective, false accusations, evidence, suspense, red herrings and a twist at the end. Silver blaze contains a lot of these but they are not all typical. The crime is probably the most typical ingredient in a detective story. In Silver Blaze the crime is, of course, the murder of John Straker and the kidnapping of the horse. ...read more.


This injury could have been caused by him being hit by the stick Simpson was carrying. When the boys found Straker's body, he held a cravat in his left hand 'which was recognised by the maid as having been worn' by the stranger who had visited the stables, this stranger was Fitzroy Simpson. Hunter, the stable boy who was drugged, is also sure that the cravat belonged to Simpson. This suggests that he dropped his cravat when killing Straker. Finally, we are told that Simpson's 'wet clothing showed that he had been out in the storm of the night before'. If he committed the crime, he must have been out in the storm. However, some evidence also tells us that Simpson cannot be guilty. Curried mutton was served as the meal in the house. This is important, as the stable boy was drugged with powdered opium. Holmes says 'a curry was exactly the medium which would disguise this taste', this taste being the powdered opium with which the meal was drugged. Simpson could not have known that curry would be served so he cannot be guilty. Silas Brown is the other suspect in the case. He would be interested in the disappearance of Silver Blaze because he had big bets on Desborough, the second favourite, and so if Silver Blaze was out of the way Desborough would be more likely to win. ...read more.


'As he read the menace in his eyes' tells me that Holmes can be quite threatening. The 'I' of the story was Watson. I think this was so that we could hear about Holmes's thought but also hear details of his physical appearance and his reactions. Watson knows Holmes's the best and can even begin to think the same things as him. Watson can give views on Holmes's easily without Holmes's having to say anything. I think the best part of the essay was the twist at the end. It was really interesting to piece together all the clues and to eventually realise what happened. I think it was very clever to use the horse as the 'murderer' as I never expected the crime to turn out like this. However, I did not really enjoy the story. I found it quite boring. I feel that this is because I could not really relate to either the plot or the characters. I found the story tiring and unexciting. The story failed to capture my imagination. I enjoyed watching the video more than reading the book, as I felt more involved with the story although I didn't really enjoy the video either. The positive thing about the book was that I could use my imagination. Overall, I did not enjoy Silver Blaze. I do not enjoy detective stories in general and this was no exception. I would not like to read any similar stories in the future and would not really recommend this one. ...read more.

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