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Silver Blaze

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Silver Blaze Silver Blaze is set in the countryside of Dartmoor, and the Wessex Cup race is about to occur. Silver Blaze is important in this race as his is the favourite to win it but his trainer John Straker had been murdered, and the horse has mysteriously vanished. Silas Brown or Lord Backwater could have wanted the horse out of the way so that their horse, who was second favourite could take the winning spot. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson solved the murder by retracing the steps of the horse and Straker, and taking all evidence into account. It turned out that John Straker was trying to lame the horse so he could pay off debt that he owed, and the horse was the murderer who had kicked him in the head when he had spooked him. The horse ran in the race and won, but disguised so that his owner Colonel Ross could not tell it was him. ...read more.


Two characters that could have possibly been guilty are Fitzroy Simpson and Silias Brown. Simpson could have been framed as the killer because he had been at the racing yard the night the crime took place and his belongings such as a red and black silk cravat had been found with Straker who lay dead on the ground. A blow to the head had killed Straker, and this also could be seen as though Simpson had had something to do with it as he had been carrying a top heavy lead-weighted stick that same night. Browns' motif could have been that he wanted Silver Blaze out of the way as one of the horses he was training was second to favourite, and that if Silver Blaze did not run or could not enter the race for any reason, the prize money would be raised for his horse that would probably win. Conan Doyle did not use these as the murderer as they would have been to simple, and there would be no suspense or mystery used. ...read more.


He acts as a passageway from being the audience to being in the story, so you can become more absorbed into it. The best thing about the story was the way it was cunningly pieced together, so that every turn was surprising. I didn't think there was a bad part of the story, as it was all interesting to me. I enjoyed it and thought it was a good story to read. Seeing the video of the story was better as it allowed me to visualize things more and to create a clearer picture in my head of what was going on. I preferred reading the text rather than the video as it allowed me to create my own visualizations of what is going on without being moulded to the settings of the video. I really enjoyed the story as it always had something interesting happening in it. The story line was very good and I would definitely read more by Conan Doyle, as his style of writing suits my taste. By Cherida Jasmine Griffiths ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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