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Sinking Boat Saves the Day

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Sinking Boat Saves the Day Andrew and Ollie are two sixteen year old boys, it is their summer holidays at the moment; and they have been enjoying it to the limits in the small town of Polperro where they live on the southern Cornish coast. They had spent the majority of the summer out at sea in Andrews's dads' motor boat catching mackerel. But it all had to stop one week because of the typical English weather- there had been severe storms in Cornwall, and the sea has been extremely rough. This of course meant that it was far too un-safe for Ollie and his friend Andrew to go out in the boat, as there could be numerous dangers facing them. This was not a risk their parents were going to take as there had already been a sinking the day before when a fishing vessel was on its way back home, and into the harbour. But before it could reach anywhere near to land, it was capsized, causing it to lose its catch of that day, and for its occupants, three men, to be flung over board. Luckily though, for them, the lifeboat arrived in time to pick them out of the water and to get them back to dry, safe, land. So instead of going out to sea, Andrew and Ollie spent there time sulking, as they only have a few days left until they have to go back to their first year of college, which means coursework, exams, and even more coursework. ...read more.


Luckily for the pair of them, they were only about one-hundred metres away from cuddugen bay, so Ollie managed to drag himself and Andrew who must have hit his head on something as he entered that water, on to the sandy beach. Andrew regained consciousness within a couple of seconds of being on dry land and both of them just lay their trying to take in the ordeal that just happened. When the pair of them stood up, they started to take in their surroundings, they =were on Cuddugen bay, this was a little cove that could only be reached by water; neither of them had been on it before. Their only way out of this situation was by boat, but the only one that they had was just on its way to the bottom of the sea. Instead of worrying, they started to walk around, and see what the cove was like, here there were numerous caves, some of them went back quite far into the cliff face, but Andrew and Ollie could not go the full distance as their only source of light was natural light- the sun, and unluckily for them, the sun does not reach into the backs of caves. They came out of the caves, and sat on the beach, thinking. That was when something shiny caught Ollie's eye, he went to the far back of the beach by some tree trunks that had fallen from above on the cliff, and to his amazement there was a chest, just like a treasure chest! ...read more.


"Isn't it Darts night tonight?" he asked. "Yes" answered Andrew, "But we have more to think about now". "It's the police versus the lifeboat volunteers tonight!" replied Ollie. So they decided it would be quicker, and easier to take the chest and show the police at the Pilot Boat inn. They went there as fast as their tired legs would carry them, burst into the pub, and began to tell their story, and show the police the contents of the chest. That was the last that the boys heard of the fiasco until two days later some Policemen came from Special Forces, to get the boys interviews as evidence; then the boys were told why the guns were on the cove in the first place. It had been a full scale terrorist operation and the boys had only uncovered the very beginning of it. The boys had found the weapons that had been smuggled into Britain from abroad; and were then hidden on the cove. These weapons were then going to be used at a nuclear power station in Kent, by the terrorists that were going to storm it, and try to steal some Uranium. This uranium was then going to be used to make an atomic bomb that was going to be aimed at London, but luckily everyone was saved as a result of Andrew and Ollie, two sixteen year old heroes. Two days later the boys received a letter- "Dear Andrew and Oliver, You have been invited to ten downing street for a special thank you from the Prime Minister..." THE END ?? ?? ?? ?? JAMES WHEELER 11B ...read more.

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