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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "The speckled band" - plot summary.

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is an extremely famous writer and IS the first great detective writer; he has become most famous from the Sherlock Holmes Master Detective Stories, these Sherlock Holmes stories were written at the end of the eighteen hundreds and were very popular. Each story consisted of Sherlock getting approached by a person needing his help to solve a crime; Sherlock would solve crimes by analysis the crime scene and also collecting clues and piecing events together from other important locations. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has also written books like the Hound of the Baskervilles. Plot Summary: The Speckled Band Sherlock was approached by a lady called Helen Stoner at his office in Baker Street and she explains her situation: she explains to Sherlock about her sisters suspicious death two weeks before she was to get married and how her sisters last word were speckled band, and also that her mum; who has passed away, left money with her step dad Dr Grimesly Roylett which was to be given to them when they get married. She also explains that now she is in the same situation; she explains how she has been moved into her sister's room after her step dad has made a hole in her wall for no reason, and further more she is getting married soon. ...read more.


We also find out that her fianc� doesn't believe her when she tells him about her step dad. Another thing which increases the environment of danger is when she has been forced to sleep in her old sister's room but only because her step dad has knocked a hole in her bedroom wall. Now not only do I feel that the old decaying mansion with "windows broken and blocked" and "the roof partly caved in," is scary and creepy but now the mansion is scary creepy and easy entered by ANYONE!! There is a further increase in the environment of danger when we find out that Helen is only 30 years old but already has grey hair, "her hair is...premature grey." Also when Helen speaks to Holmes, she seems in a lot of distress and is very scared, "she is shivering not from fear but from...terror." The Environment of danger is extreme when we find out about Royletts uncontrollable temper and terrible violence, "in a fit of anger...he beat his native butler to death," this violence is further more proved when Holmes spots Helen has be man handled, "five little livid spots, the marks of four finger and a thumb were imprinted on the white wrist." ...read more.


Another example of this when Roylett bursts into Baker Street and threaten Holmes and bends a dense object with his hands, "he seized the poker and bent it into a curve with his huge brown hands." Also when Roylett is bitten by the snake he sent through the vent to kill Helen and he gives off a loud penetrating scream of agony. Finally when Conan Doyle inserts a false shock, this is when Holmes and Watson are walking through the garden to the window of Julia's room and from the darkness out jumped a baboon which Roylett had ship over from Abroad. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creates suspense of time throughout the story, but this element is particularly shown when Holmes comes to a conclusion as to what happened to Julia and what was going to happen to Helen but holds back from telling Helen. Also when Holmes and Watson are sat in Julia's room in total darkness and silence waiting for the attack, and then further more when Roylett awakes and they must wait half an hour until the attack. This element and especially Conan Doyle's use of this element often builds up suspense the most, and in this story I feel that this element definitely built up the most suspense. MaRk AnDrEwSHolmes inspectesH ...read more.

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