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sixth sense

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How does the director of 'The Sixth Sense', M. Night Shyamalan, establish the tone of the film in the opening scenes? Jack Barber The opening scenes of a film are really important because they grab the audience's attention so they keep watching it. The audience expect to see a super natural thriller were [c1]there is lots of dramatic irony were the audience has an idea what is going to happen next and the characters don't. The atmosphere is tense and it builds up to something exiting. The film is about a child cytologist[c2] that helps children with there[c3] problems and one of his old patients comes in and shoots him. The Sixth Sense [c4]is a super natural thriller[c5] we know this by the words Sixth Sense[c6]. The tone set in the opening scenes are [c7]really quite [c8]with little sounds in the background eg glass breaking. The title sequence [c9]is a white colour with a tint of blue and they started of [c10]really small and got larger and looked like they was[c11] coming towards you. Then after a few of seconds it disappeared. ...read more.


The next bit is zooming in on all the nice warm candles and beautiful cards. The whole point in this is to make the audience think that everything is alright and they are going to be safe because of the nice orangey candles making the room feel warm. The camera shots are really important in films because they can show you what is happening e.g. were the cytologist and his wife is [c17]together and the camera is quite close up to them. This could be showing that they are together and have a good relationship. The lighting is nice and warm to make the audience think everything is alright. The music is diegetic and could show that something is about to happen. [c18] The audience need to understand that the man and the woman are together and there relationship is strong. The scene in the bedroom begins when they are taking there cloths of and laughing and it was [c19]quite dark. The camera shots was [c20]quite close up (medium close up). ...read more.


The intruder does not say anything to the man he just turns around picks up the gun and shoots the man then the camera starts to move away and the intruder shoots himself in his head.[c26] The director is trying to create frightening and tense opening scenes. He wants the audience to be frightened and scared. I thought it was effective because it is supposed to be a supernatural thriller and it was so I think it was very effective. Jack barber [c1]where [c2]psychologist [c3]their [c4]'The Sixth Sense' [c5]thriller, [c6]'sixth sense' because this is..... [c7]is [c8]quiet [c9]begins with words coming in, [c10]start off (keep it in the present tense) [c11]are [c12]the audience know [c13]piece [c14]why has he director done this? [c15]The first scene is in [c16]it's [c17]are [c18]and because t is soft jazz music, it makes the scene feel more relaxed. [c19]is [c20]are [c21]glass. A shadow [c22]Why does the director do this? [c23]and dialogue [c24]appears. The music [c25]reveals the [c26]Is the audience surprised at what happens? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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